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Is Your Red Hot Temper Cooling Down Your Relationship?

By: Natasha Holler 

Being a redhead is about as unique as you can get, so you don’t want to fit into some box or be classified as ‘typical’.

Unfortunately, there are a few stereotypes about us that frequently rings true – like our tempers.

There are arguments in every relationship, but it seems that our fiery hair is a direct correlation to our fiery fighting skills. It takes us a little more concentration and self awareness to keep our red heads from overheating.

Let’s work on changing everyone’s opinions about us and keeping our relationships healthy and red hot in the right ways:

1. Talking comes easily to most ravishing redheads… except when it comes to expressing your feelings. Don’t keep your emotions under wraps. This will only lead to a blowout later. Avoid a knockdown, drag-out fight by talking about what you’re feeling, when you’re feeling it. If you can sit down with your partner and have a rational discussion about what’s bothering you at that moment, you won’t have to dwell. Try to set aside time to talk, so you’re not just discussing issues when you’re distressed – a dinner table and a quiet home can be the perfect time to refocus your connection with your significant other.

2. Nobody likes to be told to ‘relax’ when they’re feeling upset. But you have to do it. Just relax. Count to 10, take a deep breath, and consider about what you’re about to say. Redheads, we say some things we don’t mean when we’re caught up in the heat of the moment – always think before you speak. And when you do finally say something, don’t make accusations. Emphasize how you’re feeling instead of placing blame on your partner.

3. Living a healthy red life means putting effort into all aspects of your being, so have an outlet. If you’re putting energy into something, whether it’s riding a bike, running, gardening, or writing in a journal, you’ll be less likely to act out when something doesn’t go quite your way.

4. Lastly, make sure you take your own advice. If there’s a second stereotype that we could count as true, it’s that we ruby-headed beauties have an opinion on everything. We can tell each other our views until our faces match our hair, but each one of us is individually responsible for keeping our relationships rockin’ – as only redheads can.

Do you red ladies have any other advice?!