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The Correct Amount of Skincare Product Redheads Should Use

Are You Using the Right Amount?

There are a number of factors that can play a part in how effective your skincare is. Of course, things like ingredients, storage methods, and frequency of use all play a major role. Some other factors we often don’t think about are our application and how much product you’re using. 

Using too much product can will lead to waste and can overload the skin, while not using enough might not give you the effects you need. Let’s dive into how much of each product you should be using.

Face Wash / Cleanser: Dime-sized amount 

When washing your face, you need enough product to get the entire face, but this product does expand with water, so you need less than you think. Start out with a dime-sized amount and apply to your wet face, if you feel like it’s stretched too thin add a little more. 

Toner: One wet cotton ball 

Most of us use toner on a cotton round so it can be hard to tell how much you need but typically one wetted cotton round should do for your whole face. If you’re using a similar product like micellar water for makeup removal it may take more, but for general toning, this should be good. 

Serum: Single pump/dime-sized amount 

Every serum is different depending on the consistency. Serums are also usually one of the most expensive items in our skincare routines, so use them sparingly. If your bottle has a pump use a single pump, or use about a dime-sized amount. It’s also best to apply serum straight to the face rather than to the back of the hand to avoid wasting product. 

Moisturizer: Nickel or dime-sized amount (or more for neck area) 

Moisturizer is another product that may differ based on consistency. For thick moisturizers, you may need more to cover the whole face, while a light gel-based moisturizer may cover a lot more surface area. Typically you will need about a nickel or dime-sized amount, but you can always add a little more should you need extra for the neck area.

Eye Cream: Pea-size amount 

Eye cream is intended for the under eyes, and on the eyelids, so a pea-sized amount should be good. Overuse of eye cream can lead to it getting into your eyes and on your lashes so start small, eye cream goes a long way. 

SPF: Full shot glass (for the entire body) 

We talk a lot about the amount of SPF needed to cover the body. It’s recommended to use a shot glass-sized amount, but we don’t discuss often how much you need just for your face and neck. SPF is not something you want to skimp on so start with about a nickel-sized amount and add more as needed. Gel/silicone style SPF will go a lot further than a traditional liquid-based SPF. Spray SPF is hard to measure but enough sprays to cover the neck and face completely are suggested.  

Facial Oil: A few drops 

Over-oiling the face can lead to breakouts and messy skin. Try adding just a couple of drops to your hands before applying it to the face. This will give you more control over how you apply it and you can always add more. 


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