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7 Ways To Can Use Micellar Water in a Redhead Skin Care Routine

Do You Use This Multi-Use Product?

Micellar water is water that has tiny oil molecules in it that help extract dirt and oils, and is great because it’s gentle and hydrating for all sensitive redhead skin types. Micellar water is also no-rinse which makes it a convenient item to use on the go. Here are 7 uses for this must-have beauty product. 

It removes makeup

One of the most common uses of micellar water is makeup removal. The oil particles help to lift the makeup from the pores and leave your skin soft and hydrated.

It cleanses/tones the face 

Micellar water can also be used on makeup-free skin as a cleanser and toner to remove build-up, dirt, and imperfections. 

It removes false lashes 

Most falsies are reusable, but they can often get damaged when they are removed. Use a little micellar water on a q-tip to ease the lashes off and remove any excess glue for reuse. 

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It makes liquid liner 

A great hack is to use micellar water and eye shadow to create eyeliner. Simply add a few drops to any powder eyeshadow with a small angled brush and then apply like a liquid liner.

It fixes cracked pressed powder

There’s nothing worse than dropping a compact or palette of powder products and having it crack the product. Well, you can apply a small amount of micellar water, smooth it back together, let it dry and it will be good as new!

It blends tanning mistakes 

Notice some streaks from self-tanning? Blend out harsh lines or streaks with a little micellar water on a cotton ball. 

It washes makeup brushes 

Cleanse your makeup brushes by adding some micellar water once a week to help remove old makeup and dirt. This will help your brushes get squeaky clean and reduce the risk of blemishes caused by dirty brushes.

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