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7 More Fall Fashion Redhead Season Trends in 2022

Fall Fashion Alert!

In case you haven’t heard, red hair is trending for this year, especially for fall. Lifelong redheads know fall is the ultimate Redhead Season and like the rest of the year, the 90s styles are coming back strong. We shared 7 trending redhead styles for 2022. Here are 7 more stand-out pieces that will be trending this year too. Let’s take look: 

1. Jackets

When it comes to outerwear, we are seeing some classic styles back in trend. From the leather jacket to the bomber jacket, you might already have these on-style pieces in your closet. The oversized style is the most popular, so size up.

2. Trenches

Another outerwear trend that’s back is the trench jacket. From plain neutrals to plaid we’re seeing all the classics. This is a perfect option for the colder fall months and the transition into winter. 

3. Blazers

A jacket adjacent trend that’s been hot for a while is blazers. these are especially popular when paired with mini dresses and mini skirts. This is another trend where we are seeing a combo of fitted and oversized items paired together.

4. Sweaters

Oversized sweaters will always be in for fall, and this year we’re seeing a few styles on trend with half zips and neutral cable knits. More lightweight, fitted sweaters are also trending and are perfect for layering in the colder fall months.

5. Jeans

Skinny jeans have been “out” for some time now and were replaced by the slim but still loose-fitting boyfriend and straight-leg jeans. Well this fall, baggy is better. The baggy jeans style is back! Paired with a fitted top these oversized pants are in. 

6. Pants

Another fall pants trend is trousers, also in a looser style but more fitted than jeans. Think workwear but make it casual, paired with tiny tops and tucked-in sweaters. These go great paired with boots, clogs, or even sneakers. 

7. Shoes

An essential for fall is boots, and this year we are going to see two trending styles. The classic rocker style Doc Martens in all heights and chic knee-high leather boots. For early fall and warmer climates, clogs are in; specifically the Boston clog from Birkenstocks. 


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