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Take a Look Inside the Fall Deluxe H2BAR Box


Camouflage season is here! Redhead Season is here! The first day of autumn is a short time away + it’s the beginning of (arguably) the best season of the year. Red hair starts to blend in with leaves and the crisp air appears. We’re here to give you the best redhead-approved items for this special season. Celebrate with us on social media.


1. $22 Value: Better Natured Shine Glaze

Is your red hair looking dull after a summer full of sun? We love introducing you to new products to keep your crimson locks looking shiny and vibrant. This silicone-free, dual-purpose serum melts into wet or damp hair before styling, instantly enhancing shine. It also protects hair from heat damage up to 450°, too. HOW TO USE: Pump out a small squeeze and work into palms. On wet hair, lightly smooth from length to ends or apply all over. On dry hair, apply as a pomade to give a piecey look. Either way, you’re revving the radiance way up!

Better Natured Shine Glaze

2. $12 Value: Royal Locks Pro Curl Cream Gel

This cream gel reduces frizz, is an all-in-one curl definer, holds with softness, and contains Moroccan Argan oil for moisturizing. HOW TO USE: Distribute evenly into sopping wet hair. Then, scrunch curls with tee shirt or microfiber towel to help them form & remove excess water. Plop curls on top of the head in tee shirt or towel, and let air dry. Important: NO touching, it causes frizz.

Royal Locks Pro Curl Cream Gel

3. $30 Value: Canviiy Foam Treatment

Many times, redheads forget about the health of their scalp; it is just as sensitive as the rest of the skin on our body. This invigorating, luxurious micro-foam rinse-off treatment cleanser is designed to clear hair of flakes, product build-up & soothe scalp irritation. HOW TO USE: Thoroughly rinse shampoo from hair & scalp, press foam pump onto hand 2-3 times. Gently massage foam onto scalp, leave on for 5-7 minutes, then rinse clean. Condition hair as desired. Use treatment once a week.

Canviiy Foam Treatment

4. $3 Value: Canviiy Itch Calming Packette

Itchy scalp? We know how this feels. This concentrated itch-calming serum is infused with powerful, natural botanicals including aloe vera, lavender, witch hazel, manuka honey, jojoba and peppermint oil to give your scalp a blissful itch-free feeling. HOW TO USE: Shake well in the packette. Gently squeeze to apply formula in pea-sized amounts to the scalp.

5. Gussi $30 OFF Gift Card

Gussi’s innovative at-home DIY keratin treatment is redhead-approved, and we want you to enjoy it too. Find your special Gussi card and use the code at checkout.

6. $3 Value: Hair or Skin Packette Sample

As an extra bonus, we’re giving you a ‘Redhead Friendly’ sample to enjoy at your convenience or on a special travel trip.


7. $22 Value: usmooth Blowdry Styling Lotion OR

The ultimate styling lotion that delivers impeccable shine and control; and sunflower oil provides softening agents and additional environmental protection. HOW TO USE: Drop a small amount in your hands and distribute evenly throughout towel-dried hair. Style as desired. For optimum results, follow up with a styling iron.

usmooth Blowdry Styling Lotion

$30 Value: RG Collagen Hair Mist

This product will give extra love to your red locks. It replenishes collagen protein to revitalize, strengthen, thicken and plump your red hair. It reconstructs damaged hair to restore brilliant shine.

8. $30 Value: Y’OUR Personalized Skincare Gift Card

No minimum amount needed to receive this discount! Shop till you drop, redheads. Search for your unique card with QR code inside your beauty box.

9. $6 Value: NEATGOODS NEATwipes 30-Count Handwipes Pouch

We included this pack in the September monthly box and wanted to extend them to our Fall Deluxe subscribers too! Cold season is right around the corner and many products contain harmful chemicals. These redhead-approved wipes provide a calming, soothing, and germ-free hand wipe experience. Infused with lavender essential oils, glycerin, and aloe vera, NEATwipes leave hands feeling fresh and invigorated after every use.

NEATGOODS NEATwipes 30-Count Handwipes Pouch

10. $30 Value: OC8 Mattifying Gel OR

Is your skin feeling extra oily due to a few too many sunburns and lots of sunscreen use? This revolutionary primer for oily skin was developed with state-of-the-art technology and provides a more elegant, “just-applied” look. HOW TO USE: Cleanse skin. Apply a thin layer to dry skin every morning. Gently massage into skin using a light circular motion. Apply OC8 after moisturizer and sunscreens, but prior to oil-free makeup. The gel has been formulated to work for up to eight hours, however, you can reapply during the day, if needed.

OC8 Mattifying Gel

$30 Value: Authenticary Mineral SPF 35 Facial Sunscreen

Our go-to this redhead season! This daily lightweight mineral SPF 35 sunscreen with hyaluronic acid helps to improve moisture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

11. $12 Value: EMK Beverly Hills SUPRA Face Cream

We always recommend changing up your face cream as seasons change. This is one of our all-time favs. It helps restore the skin’s natural collagen to plump wrinkles and improve suppleness. As a result, your redhead skin will feel smoother and appear brighter, younger, and more radiant than ever.

12. LUE by Jean Seo – Cleanse Moisturizing Honey Wash

Mild, non-ionic cleanser derived from a select harvest of organic honey fields that will gently clean and soothe your redhead skin without stripping skin of natural moisture. Works to prevent & treat blemishes and combat inflammation.

LUE by Jean Seo - Cleanse Moisturizing Honey Wash

13. $18 Value: House of Lashes False Lashes

Created with premium and high-quality synthetic hair, these lashes also have a thin comfortable cotton band for daily wear at their base. Furthermore, they are vegan, cruelty-free, and handcrafted. HOW TO USE: Trim the lashes to fit your eyes, use your favorite lash glue and apply it to the root of your lashes. Stay tuned to @H2BARBox outlets for tutorials.

14. $32 Value: My Day Screen Fair/Light Tinted Drops SPF 30

This is a multi-functional SPF 30 product which acts as a sunscreen, makeup base and light moisturizer. HOW TO USE: Shake lightly before using. Press the pump actuator carefully, as product may disperse quickly. Apply a small amount onto a damp sponge and spread it evenly over your face. Reapply 15 minutes before sun exposure and throughout the day for touch-ups, as needed. Please keep the bottle out of direct sunlight.

My Day Screen Fair/Light Tinted Drops SPF 30l

15. $15 Value: Bonus Makeup Item

Just because! Enjoy a redhead-approved makeup item to kick off this special autumn season.

16. $2 Value: Kindroot Defend Plant Lozenges

Keep your immune system strong! Vitamin C helps support your immune system and reishi mushroom encourages calm and resilience.

17. $8 Value: Just for Redheads Detangler Comb

This detangling comb is designed to get the tangles and knots out without tugging or pulling your red hair.

18. $20 Value: Soft Cashmere Feel Mustard Yellow Scarf

We’re so excited for you to rock this ‘Redhead Friendly’ burnt yellow scarf with your red hair. Share photos with us on social media! #H2BARBox #HowtobeaRedhead

Rock it like a Redhead!