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How Redheads Can Prevent Forehead Breakouts Due To Bangs

Say Goodbye to Bang Blemishes

Are your red bangs making your forehead break out? If so, you might be tempted to grow them out and never go back, but if you love your red bangs you might want another option. Here are 4 things you can do to reduce breakouts caused by bangs:

1. Wash your bangs daily (but not your entire head of hair) 

Because bangs are shorter and thinner than the rest of our hair, they often get oily or greasy faster. You probably don’t want to wash your hair every single day, but consider washing your bangs. Not only will this help to reduce breakouts, but it gives you an opportunity to reset your bang style too.

2. Pin them back when you sleep/exercise 

Oil, sweat, and dirt on your bangs can easily transfer to your forehead while you’re sleeping or when you’re working out. Try pinning your bangs back to reduce contact with your forehead.

3. Avoid touching your bangs 

One of the ways oils and dirt get on your bangs is from you touching them with your hands. You might not even realize you’re touching your bangs throughout the day and transferring dirt and bacteria.

4. Check your hair products 

Hair products aren’t meant for our skin, and the ingredients can cause breakouts. You might have noticed this if you have long hair and have gotten bacne. Well, the residue from your products could also be causing forehead acne.


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