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5 Easy Ways to Grow out Your Red Bangs

It doesn't have to be a dreaded process, redheads!

Do you have bangs and are so over it? Don’t let the fear of having to grow your bangs out stop you from changing your look. Here’s everything you need to know about growing out your red bangs: 

1. Use a hair growth shampoo

If you want to grow your bangs out quickly, try using a shampoo that will help promote hair growth. It will take time and patience for your bangs to grow out but this may help the process move along a little more quickly. 

2. Start taking vitamins

Another option to help speed up your hair growth is to start taking vitamins like biotin or other hair and nail vitamins. This will help you have healthy new growth more quickly. You can also eat foods rich in biotin.

3. Learn new ways to style them 

The worst part about growing your bangs out is trying to figure out how to style them. Try looking up different styling techniques for different bang lengths and practice them, you might even find a new length you like.

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4. Pick a new part 

Depending on the type of bangs you have, you might be able to hide them a bit during the grow-out process. Parting your bangs differently can help them blend more with your hair and keep them off the forehead. Try a few parts throughout the grow-out process to see what you like. 

5. Don’t cave!

Grow out takes a lot of patience, and you might want to give up and just cut your bangs again, but don’t. You can always get bangs later if you miss them, but don’t give up on your growth.

Rock it like a Redhead!