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5 Reasons Your Red Hair Might be Greasy This Summer

Here's How to Fight It!

Does the summer heat have your red hair feeling greasy and gross? Dealing with greasy hair is no fun, so instead of just piling on the dry shampoo, check out these 5 reasons your red hair might be feeling extra greasy. 

You’re Applying Your Conditioner Wrong

Overapplying conditioner on the roots can cause your hair to get greasy faster. Most of us wash our hair a ton in the summer because we’re out enjoying the water or getting sweaty in the heat. That means there’s more of a chance that you’re overapplying your conditioner. Conditioner should be applied from the ears down to really focus on the ends of the hair. 

You Need a Scalp Reset

Scalp buildup can lead to extra oils in your hair. Give your scalp a reset by using a clarifying shampoo and a scalp scrubber. This will help give you a clean slate and remove all the excess buildup.

Moisturizer/SPF is In Your Hairline

Be careful when applying moisturizer and SPF products to your face. If you’re applying too liberally you may end up spreading some of the product into your hairline. This can cause buildup and make your red hair look extra greasy around the face.

You’re Spreading the Oils From Your Face

When it’s hot out, our faces produce more oil. If you have oily skin and notice you’re getting an oily nose or forehead, you may also be spreading that to your hair. Oils can easily be spread with your hands or even just by putting sunglasses up on your head. Prevent this by using oil blotting paper to remove excess oil, and avoid touching your face.

It’s Hot and You’re Sweating

What you think is oil and or grease might actually be sweat. When it gets hot we sweat and if you have thick red hair your scalp is probably sweating too. You can’t always prevent sweat, but you can reduce the appearance of oils by wearing your hair up or wearing a hat


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