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How Redheads Can Get In On The Baby Bangs Trend

Would You Try This Style?

Bangs make a statement, and baby bangs really pack a punch. These ultra trendy extra short bangs can be super cute or look awful, it just depends on how they are cut and styled. Baby bangs can be really wearable on certain hairstyles like a pixie cut or curly hair. Here are a few things to consider before you try the baby bang trend:

1. Hair Length

Baby bangs tend to look better and be more wearable with shorter hair. That doesn’t mean they can’t be worn with long hair, though. A longer layered look with baby bangs can be quite cute too.

2. Hair Texture

With all bang styles, it’s important to consider your hair texture. Bangs will look different on curly or wavy hair than they will on straight hair. Baby bangs will also stand out more on straight hair, whereas with curly hair they tend to naturally blend nicely with the curls surrounding the face. 

3. Maintenance

Bangs take a lot of upkeep, no matter their length. If you want to keep your bangs “baby” length, you’ll need to make frequent trips to the salon or learn to be handy with the scissors yourself. 

4. Lifestyle

Unlike longer curtain bangs or side bangs, baby bangs are hard to get out of your face. You might have some luck with a hat or headband but these little bangs are not going into a ponytail. Think about your lifestyle, do you work out a lot? Is your skin prone to breakouts? These are all things to consider before committing to bangs, especially baby bangs. 


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