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4 Cutting Tips for Curly Red Hair

The 411 on cuts for your red hair

If you’ve got curly red hair you might have had a curly cut before. If not, keep reading because you might just want to book one when you’re done. Here’s the 411 on curly cuts for redheads: 

What is a curly cut?

A curly cut is a haircut done on curly hair where the hair is cut to match the natural wave pattern. The cut is done dry and it’s meant for those who wear their hair in their natural curls.

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Who should try a curly cut?

If your red hair is naturally curly and you wear it naturally the majority of the time, you might benefit from a curly cut. It’s not for everyone but you might want to try one and see if it’s for you. 

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Can any stylist provide a curly cut?

Every stylist will have a different approach to curly cuts and some stylists may not even do dry curly cuts. It’s best to find a stylist that you know does cuts on hair similar to yours. 

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What are the benefits of curly cuts? 

If you have a curly cut, you will probably notice your curls are more defined, they lay nicer and your hair just looks better overall when in its natural state.

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