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6 Must See TikToks for Redheads with Curly Hair

Embracing your curly (or wavy hair) is all the rage!

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Curly redhead girls unite! There have been tons of people starting their curly hair journey on TikTok recently. It seems lots of people didn’t realize their hair had a curl pattern and continued to wear it straight for years before finding out via the app. Now embracing your curly (or wavy hair) is all the rage. Here are a few must-see Tik Toks for our fellow redheads who rock the curls:

1. Mid-Length curly red hair styling routine

Walk through one redhead’s curly girl routine for her medium-length curly hair. Complete with products, techniques, and of course a gorgeous final look.


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♬ big and chunky – jai <3


2. Long curly red hair wash routine

If you’ve got long curly red hair, check out this wash routine that incorporates scalp massaging and detangling tips for thick curly red hair. 


@tangleteezer AD #fypage #foryou #curlyhair #redhead #curlytiktok #ginger #beauty

♬ my hair – Ariana Grande


3. Denman brush: How to Use

Have you ever used a Denman brush? Here’s a little how-to for one way curly-haired redheads are using it!


First time trying a #denmanbrush @denmanbrush #hairbrilliance #curlyhairroutine #curlyhairtutorial #curlyhair #redhead #gingers #fyp #foryou #xyzbca

♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei


4. Must-have curly hair products

Looking to start your own curly hair journey? Check out these must-have curly hair products, most of which you can find at your local drugstore!


Reply to @no….one1 i would say no one asked but y’all did soooo

♬ original sound – emma jeanae


5. How to diffuse curly red hair

Defusing is a great way to lock in your style and define your curls. Here’s a little how-to for curly red hair. 


#fyp #foryou #curlyhair #curlyhairroutine #curls #tutorial #transformation #hairstyle #hair #redhair #diffuser

♬ original sound – Lydia Jervis


6. Denman brush hack

Another Denman brush video, but this time with a helpful hack to get thicker coils in your curls.

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Rock it like a Redhead!