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5 Makeup Tips For Olive Skinned Redheads

A guide to makeup if you have a deeper complexion and red hair

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We often generalize redheads as being fair-skinned, but the truth is redheads can come in all skin tones. For olive-toned redheads, most of the fair skin beauty tips and tricks just don’t work. So whether you’re a redhead ‘by choice’ or a natural redhead, if you’ve got olive skin we’ve got some makeup tips just for you:

olive tone

1. Keep it warm

Olive skin looks amazing in shades of gold, bronze, and copper. Try out a warm bronzy eyeshadow to make your eyes pop. It will complement your red hair and make your skin look stunning. 

redhead natural makeup look

2. Don’t be afraid of a dark lip 

Most fair-skinned redheads will stray away from darker lips, but for olive tones, embrace the dark. Berry lipstick looks particularly amazing both with olive skin and on redheads, and it’s the perfect transition color between summer and fall.

3. Use brown eye products for a natural look

Redheads with a darker complexion can easily pull off black liner and mascara, but for a more natural look, opt for a dark brown in both products. It will subtly enhance your eyes and really make them shine. For liner, try a mini kitten eye to draw the lash line out. 

4. Play with color 

Olive skin looks amazing with a pop of color, so don’t be afraid to play around a little bit. Jewel tones look fantastic with olive skin and red hair, so try blues, purples, and greens along with metallics like gold

olive skin redhead

5. Darken the brows

Like most redheads, olive-toned redheads usually also have lighter brows. If your brows are light, darkening them up will really elevate your whole look. Fill any sparse areas in with the Finally Have Brows Ulltra-Fine Redhead EyebrowB Pencil and add volume, color and hold with a redhead brow gel.


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