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Olive Skinned Redheads: A Makeup Guide For Your Unique Hair and Skin Combination

Updated: August 18, 2022. By Guest Writer: Carmina Alvarez

Most natural redhead girls with Latin roots have golden and olive tones in their skin. Because of this unique combination, makeup advice is also different. Here’s a little guide to complement your red hair and skin tone based on your shade of red hair:



FOUNDATION & CONCEALER: It is suggested you olive-skinned redheads opt for yellow and peach-based foundations and concealers.

BLUSH: Choose coral and peachy blushes.

HIGHLIGHTER: Golden toned skin looks best with a champagne tone highlighter, applied just above the cheekbone.

EYESHADOW: Rich eyeshadow colors like olive green and violet will make your eyes pop.

LIP COLOR: Go for fuschia, coral and peach tones.

BRONZER: Choose pink tones to add a little warmth to your skin.



FOUNDATION & CONCEALER: You need a golden toned foundation and a peach toned concealer.

BLUSH: Apply a rosy pink blush only on the apple of the cheeks.

HIGHLIGHTER: Also use a golden toned highlighter just above the cheekbone, near the eye area.

EYES SHADOW: Your skin tone is super versatile, so you can pull off a large range of shades from pastels and deep rich colors to metallic eye shadows. Go bold!

LIP COLOR: Olive skin redheads can pull off almost every lipstick color, but I suggest you opt for a orangy-red lipstick, even nude lipstick.

BRONZER: If you like to use bronzer, pick a brownish-orange tone to add definition and warmth to your face.



FOUNDATION & CONCEALER: A caramel tone foundation blends perfectly to your skin color and a dark peach concealer that’s almost  “orangy toned” blends well with bronzed skin. Do not choose pink or yellow toned concealers.

BLUSH: Choose a brick red blush and apply it to the apple of your cheeks.

HIGHLIGHTER: Use a golden toned highlighter just above the cheekbone, near the eye area.

EYE SHADOW: Copper, navy and green eyeshadows are your perfect colors! Do not choose red colors or else it will clash with your hair.

LIP COLOR: Soft pink, brick red and plum lipsticks are ideal for you, but always remember to pair strong lipstick colors with subtle eye makeup.

BRONZER: Select a brownish red tone to add a little warmth.

Rock it like a Redhead!