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Six Steps To See If You Are Ready to Be a Redhead Roommate

By: Natasha Holler

In a relationship, you’ll take many big steps along your journey together: becoming “exclusive”, your first kiss, and your significant other getting used to your redheaded ways! Let’s not forget one huge step that could make or break your relationship – moving in together. There are no hard and fast rules for how long you should wait before taking the plunge, and there is certainly no foolproof plan to avoid conflicts; but there are some things that every ravishing redhead should consider before shacking up with their sweetheart.

1. Make sure both of you are in this for the long haul. We’re not freckle-faced children anymore, ladies… we’re freckle-faced adults, and we’re not playing house! Cohabitation with your partner is a step closer to the rest of your life, so it’s not something to be taken lightly. Every couple is different, so there’s no sense in putting a time limit on how long you need to be dating before moving in together, but you should take care to know the ins and outs of your relationship before making this leap. Do you know each other – really, actually know each other? If you’ve had your first big fight and have been able to work through it, you’ve already taken a step in the right direction. No relationship is devoid of arguments… the important part is knowing how to work through them. Another good sign is if you’ve taken an extended vacation together and still want to spend time with each other. And, if you’ve already been spending a lot of time in each other’s space, you may already know that he leaves his wet towels on the bedroom floor and leaves beard stubble in the bathroom sink.

2.That brings us to our next point… Get. Over. It. Redheads, we are notoriously set in our ways, so make a conscious effort to be carefree! Remember, you will do things that annoy him, too. Don’t get worked up over it. As long as your partner respects you, he’ll try to stop getting toothpaste on the mirror if he knows it drives you crazy, but if it happens, don’t have a meltdown. It’s his house, too!

3. Your home should be “yours”, as a couple, so it’s a good idea to try and start off on neutral ground. If you can get the timing to work out (and you should try), move into a brand new home together. If you move into his bachelor pad, or he moves into your dazzling domicile, you’ll never be truly comfortable. It may feel like someone’s space is being invaded, and that could just set you up for defeat. And while moving sucks… decorating a new home is fun – imagine how fun it will be to decorate together!

4. One of the biggest things couples fight about is money. It may sound obvious, and it’s not fun, but discuss your financial intentions before you start house hunting. Be sure to also discuss what might happen in a worst-case scenario. You’re not just roommates; you’re in this together… so while the finances may not be split exactly down the middle, both parties need to be prepared, and need to be okay with whatever may come – for better or worse!

5. Everyone has an opinion, but what works for one couple may not work for every couple. For example, almost everyone suggests to come up with a plan to equally divide the housework. I don’t know about you ladies, but this redhead disagrees vehemently. If you’ve got a certain system that you like to adhere to, than just do it yourself. Doling out chores to your partner just for the sake of being equal doesn’t make sense if all you’re going to do is fix it to your liking when he’s finished. If he likes to cook, then so be it! If you want to mow the lawn, you go, ginger! Plus, tackling chores together or as they come along can actually save you from animosity. There will be no inner dialogue saying ” It’s his day to take out the trash and I can’t believe he hasn’t done it yet!” Just own it and do it yourself, or speak up and ask him. Communication is key!

6. Okay, enough with all this seriousness. Don’t forget… you’re in love, and you’re getting ready to go an adventure with one of the coolest people you know. Remember to have fun. Go out on dates, spend some time apart, and make sure to maintain some privacy… but always look forward to coming home to your shared space.

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How to Get The Bow Hairstyle in 4 Easy Steps

The bow hairstyle is so chic and classy- especially when paired with red hair! It looks like it is complicated to attain, but it is actually a piece of cake. Follow these simple steps:

1. You can use all of your hair to make a bow or just a small section. Determine where you want the bow and begin making a ponytail with that section of hair.

2. On your last ponytail wrap, do not let the last chunk of hair through the elastic. Instead, keep it as a floppy bun with the tail end of the ponytail sticking outwards.

3. On the forefront of the elastic, clip down the tail end with a bobby pin to secure.

4. Then, wrap the tail end over the center floppy bun and secure with a bobby pin in the back of the bun too.

5. Wa, La! 


Miu Miu’s Spring 2013 Runway: Add More Red To Your Look

Miu Miu’s Spring 2013 runway featured a striking redhead with many different outfits, yet they all had similar qualities. Many of the looks were long coats or dresses with a bit of an Asian flare and a pop of red in each. This season (and even into the spring months), opt for dresses that express your personality and accessorize with the color red.

If you’re looking for coats in larger sizes, you can get a great range in colors to compliment your locks from the brand, Curvissa.

As redheads, make sure to choose fashion pieces that are going to compliment your skin and hair (and your body type!). Make sure to refrain from anything that will wash you out. Amp up your makeup a bit if you feel like your outfit is under-powering your features.

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Spunk Up Your Week With The Side Chignon

This side chignon is perfect for a special occasion or even a fun look to spunk up your work week. Red hair looks even more beautiful when it is in a pretty hairstyle and you can easily do it yourself. Learn how here:

1. It is best to start with wet hair. Using a round brush, blow-dry hair smooth and straight, focusing on the top sections for volume.

2. Once hair is dry, use a 1 inch curling iron to create waves from the ears down.

3. Build height and volume at the crown of the head by teasing hair.

4. Gather hair into a low ponytail and twist it along the nape of your neck. Use bobby pins to pin hair down as you get closer to your ear.

5. Once you reach your ear, shape the remaining hair into curls, and pin them back over the twist.

6. Using a strong hairspray, spray to keep hair in place.

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Carmina Alvarez

Metallics are the New Black: Rock This Trend With Your Red Hair

Now that the autumn/winter season has arrived, one of the biggest trends is to rock gold and silver metallic colors. It is everywhere! You’ll find clothes, handbags, nail polish, hair accessories, shoes and jewelry. This trend usually comes back in style during the colder seasons because metallics are deeper toned, work well to accessorize bulkier clothing and also complements red hair and skin- also known as “redhead friendly”!

But, with so many different gold and silver metallic tones, how do you determine what color looks good on you? Here are two simple tips on how to determine which metallic tone looks best with your red hair and skin:

1. Determine the shade of your red hair and color of your skin. If you’re on the warmer side (deeper red hair and ivory skin), choose gold metallic. If you’re on the cooler side (lighter red and freckled skin), choose silver. If you’re a mix of warm and cool, there are mixed metallic tones, too!

2. If the above trick isn’t helping you choose, try on the gold metallic and the silver metallic. Ask yourself: Do I light up in the face? Does the color make my hair pop and accentuate my face? If the answer is yes to all of the questions, then go with that color.

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How to Twist Your Red Hair

By: Kristin from

While the braided trend is still hot, the twisted hair trend is even hotter. Jessica Chastain rocks this look and makes it look so effortless. And, it is!  Braids and other intricate styles can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to achieve, but the twist trend is quick, easy and surprisingly versatile. A quick twist is the simplest and fastest way to add a little spice to your everyday fall look.

Famed stylist, hair blogger and contributor Jenny Strebe loves the hair twist trend, so we asked her to share a few styling tips so you too can rock this Jessica Chastain-inspired look:

1. Start by working a light spray gel or mousse in your hair for texture, volume and hold. Opt for products like Keratase Mousse Substantif or Tigi Rockaholic Spray Gel. 

2. Blow dry hair almost 80% dry before grabbing a medium sized round brush.

3. Take one to two inch sections and blow dry hair while working the round brush up to create lift at the roots. Round brush the entire head.

4. Add waves by wrapping one to two inch sections of hair around a 1 ¼ inch curling iron, curling away from the face. If your hair is resistant to curl, apply a medium hold hairspray like the Tigi Catwalk Medium Hold Spray to each section before curling.

5. Using a comb, carefully part your hair in the desired spot. The one shown here is a center part.

6. Starting below the parting at the hairline on one side of your head, take a two inch section of hair and twist it going towards the back of your head.

7. Take a bobby pin, clip it onto the end of your twist and secure the bobby pin underneath a section of hair in the back of your head. You want to hide the end of the twist and bobby pin to make the twist look seamless.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the other side.

9. Spray all over with your favorite medium hold hairspray to finish the look.

The twisting options are limitless redheads! This hair trend can be worn as simple or as complex as you like. Once you master this particularly easy twisted look, try this pin up-inspired twisted updo or go crazy with this twist and tuck braided updo. So get a little wild and do ‘the twist’ this fall…with your hair of course! 😉




Get Your Glam On Quick: Five Minutes and Five Products

Mornings can be hectic and often our fast paced schedules don’t allow for leisurely beauty routines, but with five minutes and five products, any redhead can get her glam on with time to spare! Here’s how:

1. Though the summer season is officially over, sunscreen is essential for redheads year round.  Always start your beauty routine with SPF to protect your delicate redheaded skin. Peter Thomas Roth Sheer Liquid Sunscreen in SPF 50 protects against UV rays that can cause skin cancer and aging. The light, paraben free formula is perfect under makeup.

2. Our redhead complexions can often look uneven or too red, but just a dab of oil free tinted moisturizer will even out skin tone and give a healthy glow without covering up those cute freckles. Laura Mercier Tined Moisturizer SPF 20 is a great option because they carry many light shades that will complement ivory skin tones.

3. No look is complete without beautiful, well groomed eyebrows. Many redheads have very light brows (sometimes they can look blonde!), but Lorac “Take a Brow” Powder in Auburn is the perfect shade for all “gingers” and even comes with a convenient brush to quickly swipe on brows to darken and define.

4. A motto for redheads should be: “I can’t leave the house without mascara!” Fair skin often means light, nearly translucent looking lashes, so mascara is a must to make the eyes pop. L’Oreal Paris “Volume Million Lashes” Mascara makes eyelashes look lush, long and dark, and that’s all a redhead could ask for!

5.Finally, a dab of lipgloss will give you a pretty pout that brightens your smile. Urban Decay “Lip Junkie” gives super shine that lasts a long time with out that sticky feeling, it’s addictive!

With just five minutes and the right products, you can go from a zero to a ten in a jiffy- now, that’s what I call “Redhead Friendly!”

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Happy I Love Lucy Day: Get The Pin Curls Look

Fifty-nine years ago, one of television’s all time greatest shows premiered on CBS, I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball was the starring actress and it is widely regarded as one of the best TV shows ever; it was the first show in history to end the series while still being the number 1 show in America (Seinfeld and The Andy Griffith Show would later accomplish the same). Although I Love Lucy was a big hit, Lucille Ball was an even bigger one. Her spunky, sassy, funny, always-in-trouble personality set the stereotypes for redheads and her style still remains a classic look that girls aim to achieve.

Lucille Ball’s pin curls were one of the most popular hairstyles for women in the 1950’s and many women love this ‘pin up’ girl look in the modern day. Get the look now: 

1. Wet hair slightly or start with towel-dried hair that is still damp.

2. Take a half-inch wide strand of hair, apply a small amount of gel and twist around your finger

3. Pin down flat onto your head with a pin curl

4. Continue until all the hair has been twisted and pinned down.

5. Allow to hair dry or use a blow dryer.

6. The longer the hair stays pinned, the more tight the curls will be.

7. For a modern twist on pin curls: Gently comb out the curls to get a classic wavy look!

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Redhead Celebrities

Lindsay Lohan Back to Red Again: Do You Think It Has Improved her Career?

On Thursday night, Lindsay Lohan was seen wearing a bold new red hair color when she attended the Pink Ginseng Drink Launch Party in Beverly Hills, California. LiLo told E!News, “It’s actually the wrong color than it’s supposed to be. But it’s the color of my natural hair, and it will get there.”

And while we fully support her going back to her natural roots and sticking to red, it can be agreed amongst most that a few shades lighter would be most flattering for her warm complexion.

A year ago, How to be a Redhead wrote that Lindsay Lohan would attain success and “normalcy” once she went back to being a redhead.


Then, in March, she went back to a beautiful red hair color (see below) and that’s when the hype of Liz & Dick began. Liz & Dick is an upcoming 2012 biographical television film chronicling the relationship of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Lindsay Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor in what is suppose to be her best acting yet. It was recently announced that it would premiere on November 25th.

It is great to see Lindsay Lohan as a redhead (even though it is the wrong color) and we hope it grounds her; we also hope it helps with the success of her upcoming film.

Do you think Lindsay’s decision to go back to her red roots has improved her career? 

Watch the Liz & Dick trailer below:

Carmina Alvarez

Is Dating a Redhead Exciting or… Dangerous?

By: Carmina Alvarez

Stereotyping, in general, is never the right thing to do; but redheads do tend to stand out and follow the typical “redhead myths”: fiery, temperamental, unpredictable, opinionated… the list can go on and on!

Do men think redhead stereotypes are true? Do men find dating a redhead exciting.. or dangerous?

I took these questions to men who had dated redheads and one said, “It isn’t necessarily ‘dangerous’ to date a redhead girl, but it is definitely rare and exciting. I, and a lot of other men, love dating redheads because it is such a rare hair color.”

Another man said, And, once you date a redhead, you remember her the most out of everyone else! I definitely think redhead stereotypes apply.”

From the men I talked to, it is pretty clear that they find dating redheads exciting and recall the relationships as adventurous, especially when compared to brunettes and blondes. So, next time you want to fight off the redhead stereotypes, remember that most men find them very appealing.


And, if you’re a natural redhead who feels saddened about your color hair, remember that men (and women) adore it and immediately view you as fun, energetic, motivated and spontaneous. Remember to always portray yourself with confidence and love you red hair.

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Ginger and Proud: Why Are You Thankful for Being a Redhead?

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and many redheads have faced being called names like “redheaded step child,” “carrot top,” “ranga” and “fire crotch.”  Even celebrity redheaded Julianne Moore has admitted to being bullied about her appearance by schoolmates, but she now comments on her red hair saying that she has grown to love being different.


Usually, this type of bullying occurs in schools because redheads are in the minority and are a target because of their fiery red hair. The best thing a redhead can do if they face bullying is have confidence in themselves and others will begin to, too.

Stephanie, Co-Founder, of How to be a Redhead said, “All redheads have faced bullying, Adrienne and I sure did. But, what we discovered is that there are so many beautiful reasons why we’re thankful to be redheads; a few of them being that we’re unique and instantly recognized! Red hair truly is a girls best accessory.” 

Once those young, teenage days are long gone, redheads quickly discover that the one thing that caused ridiculing in school, now turns heads and has  men and women gawking. But, most importantly, redheads (if not done so in an earlier age) begin to embrace and find confidence because they are redheads. In fact, so many women want to feel like “sexy” and “powerful” and opt to be “redheads by choice.”


Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko, © How to be a Redhead

Carmina Alvarez

Top Five Redhead Friendly Moisturizing Products

For both hands and skin!

By: Carmina Alvarez

are a must for every redhead. It’s commonly known that redheads are prone to very dry, sensitive skin-especially in autumn and winter. Now that the fall season is here and the cold winds are beginning to blow, our skin needs special care.

Many people only think to moisturize their face, neck and body and sometimes forget about the hands; and if the hands aren’t moisturized, the skin can dry out and become cracked.

During the colder seasons, opt for body butters, instead of lotions. Here are some good ‘redhead friendly’ moisturizing options for redheads:

1. Morning Body Butter from The Body Shop: I got this as a birthday gift and fell in love with it. I love the smell and the creamy consistency. This stuff will keep your hands moisturized for hours.

2. Philosophy Amazing Grace Shea Butter: It melts perfectly onto the skin and banishes cracked skin immediately! Its main ingredient is shea butter; which is a MUST-have ingredient in all body moisturizers.

3. Out of Africa Raw Shea Butter Moisturizer Vanilla: This stuff is awesome! It gives your hands the perfect moisture and it lasts for hours. It also eliminates cracked skin in a jiffy.

4. Korres Yogurth Body Butter Korres: I love the smell of this product, but one of the best benefits is that it doesn’t leave hands feeling greasy. It also contains shea butter and natural yogurt for extra smoothness.

5. Vaseline: This isn’t a body butter or a typical lotion, but it is a good ol’ grandma remedy. Most of us have grown up with Vaseline and it’s one of those products that is a must-have in every house. For the best results, rub Vaseline on the nail cuticle and hands before bedtime. A little goes a long way, so use sparingly.

When buying body butters and moisturizers, it is important to note that if a product contains citric ingredients such as lemon, orange, etc., they may dry out your redheaded skin even more. And an extra tip: don’t forget to drink lots of water (even if it’s cold outside), to keep the elasticity and hydration in our skin.

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