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Redheads: What to Wear on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is here! And whether you’re Irish or not, it’s always a fun holiday to celebrate. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to slip into something green, which will go perfectly with your fabulous red hair.  And you want to avoid being pinched, right?

Here are ideas on what to rock this St. Patrick’s Day:

1. If you want to go for an all green look, why not slip into a comfortable sundress? You can choose between long, short, with sleeves, without. Just make sure to let your red hair down!

2. If the weather is chilly, pair a green sweater with dark wash skinny jeans. The bright green will definitely make a statement against your gorgeous red locks!

3. Still haven’t tried colored denim? Try overalls or skinny jeans.

4. Wear a neutral outfit and spice up the look with some green accessories!

5. Want to try a green eyeshadow? Choose a fun palette like this one from Charlotte Tilbury.

7. Showcase your red hair with the How to be a Redhead Bobby Pins. There are three shades that are designed for the different types of red hair and put in one convenient package.

What will you be wearing for St. Patrick’s Day?

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