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The Unexpected Red Theory May Change the Way You Approach Your Redhead GRWM Routine

Lean into the bold, redheads

unexpected red theory

You may have heard of the “unexpected red theory” which is used mostly in the interior design world. The theory is that having a red item, big or small, in a room will pull the whole look together. Since red is our favorite color, we wanted to show redheads how you can apply this theory to redhead makeup and style tips: 

Redheads are unexpected: lean into it

This is why redheads turn heads when they enter a room. We ARE the unexpected red. How do you use this to your advantage? Lots of redheads are told to dress in neutrals, in colors that complement their hair (think: jeweled tones) or even shades that tone down their red hair. But, the truth is our red hair was made to stand out. Instead of trying to tone down your hair, opt for outfits that make your red hair the star of the show. Not sure how to get started? Here are a few ideas: 

  • Wearing a visually stark monochromatic look like white or all black
  • Wearing all cool tones to let your warm-toned red hair stand out
  • Wearing muted shades and letting your red hair be the vibrant point

Lean into the unexpected red lips/nails

Another way redheads can create an unexpected red look is through lips and nails. Red lipstick looks fantastic on redheads, especially when paired with a super simple makeup look that feels natural while enhancing your features. The same goes for red nails.Wear one or both and rock your unexpected pop of red

Lean into the unexpected red accessories

Spice up your outfit with some unexpected red accessories. From shoes to jewelry and handbags — an unexpected red piece can elevate your look and tie it all together. Unexpected red looks amazing with neutrals, but also with colorful outfits! 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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