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Ask Rona: How Do I Get Amy Adams’ Color?

QUESTION: I love Amy Adam’s red hair! What drugstore permanent colors can I mix to get her hair color and do I need to do anything special to prevent the roots of my hair from being noticeably warmer than my tips, also known as “hot roots.” My hair is currently a light golden blonde.  Thank you!  Jenna


ANSWER: By: Rona O’Conner: Hi Jenna! If you’re a light golden blonde, you’re going to want to look for a level 8 or 9, a light natural golden copper. Opt for a product like L’Oreal Couleur Experte Express Easy 2-in-1 Color + Highlights, Light Golden Copper Brown Ginger Twist 6.4.

If you have had the “hot roots” experience in the past, it could be the result of choosing a color that may not have enough natural tones to keep it grounded on lighter hair. Without getting complicated, the first half inch (root area) of the hair absorbs color differently than the mid-lengths through the ends. If you have any hesitations or concerns, it might be best, if this is your first time going red, to schedule an appointment with a colorist.