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How to Get a Stellar Fishtail Braid: 11 steps

The fishtail braid is all the rage and Janet Williams, from The Soteco Rhodes Salon in Iowa, shared photos and tips with us for the perfect redhead braid. There are many different ways to fishtail, but the most intricate, Janet said, “It is best to get help from a professional or friend because doing it on your own can get a bit tricky.”

Here are the 11 steps to getting a stellar fishtail braid:

how to do fishtail hairstyle step by step

1-3. Separate the hair into 6 sections. There are only 3 braids so the sections are numbered to show that a braid starts in one section and ends in another. Braid #1 starts on the front left side and incorporates into the bottom right side. Braid #2 starts on the front right side and ends in the bottom left side.

Braid # 3 starts in the triangular section at the top (wide side of triangle at hairline) and ends in the triangular section in the back. The points of  these 2 triangles meet in the crown.

Then, start from here…

4. Make a fishtail braid, adding hair from both sides as you move along.

5. Continue the fishtail. In wider areas of the section, you will be adding longer slices of addition hair, less in narrow areas. Work accordingly. When you reach the end of the section, you will continue to braid without adding hair.

6. The braid will overlap the bottom, left section. When you reach the bottom, right section, start adding hair again.

7. Continue braid to the ends, securing with bob pins (can’t wait for the Redhead Bobby Pins to be released!)

8 & 9. Move to front, right side and start again, with braid #2.

10. During the part of the braid where you are not adding hair, you will overlap braid #1.

11. Then, start adding hair when you reach the bottom, left section. Again, finish braiding to ends and secure ends with a bob pin.

Work into lower triangle, adding hair.

Work all of the way down. Secure ends. Then, go through braids and loosen them to your desired look.

Braid the 3 braids together and secure with a band.

Tip: You can do the center braids first and create this look. Or you can work the free braid into whichever level you want, before the finishing braid.



St. Patty’s Day: Green Beauty Products for Your Red Hair & Skin

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time of the year for redheads because the color green is one of the best complements to red hair.

Here are some fun ideas and product advice for your “green” weekend:

1. Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Gentle Cleanser: It is a mild, but effective cleanser for a redhead’s sensitive skin with olive polyphenols and green tea extract.

2. Julep Nail Polish in ‘Courteney’: What better way to add green to your wardrobe than with a great set of green nails? Instead of painting on a wild shade of bright green, opt for a subtle tone that you can continue to wear until next week.

3. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Explosion Shadow in ‘Forest Fury’: Green eyeshadow is a great makeup tip for redheads because it looks great with red hair and ivory skin. Choose an eyeshadow palette where you can easily mix and interchange different shades of green.

4. NYX Concealer Wand: Who would have known that the famous lingerie company has such great concealer? It is a double-ended cream concealer pencil. The green side counters redness (like blemishes) and the apricot side hides dark spots (like undereye circles).

5. Livinia Naturals Eyeliner in ‘Electric Green’: With a hint of green eyeshadow, this electric green eyeshadow will look gorgeous on a redhead! It will apply thick and sparkly. Tip: Only use on the top lid for the best effect.

6. Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-aging Face Cream: Make sure you’re protecting your skin this St. Patrick’s Day with a great moisturizer that contains SPF. This moisturizer will boosts moisture levels and help safeguard skin from ageing UV damage.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


Get FAB: An Interview With Rock Star, The Fabulous Miss Wendy

For Hollywood-based redhead musician, The Fabulous Miss Wendy, comparison to iconic female musicians is nothing new to the “sexiest rock star ever,” according to  “Revolver Magazine”. Growing up, she was inspired by old-school punk acts like the Misfits, The Dead Kennedys, and The Ramones.

Like the stereotypical, feisty redhead, her drive and commitment of never taking “no” for an answer, commandeered her forming and and playing in several bands during her scandalous high school years.

Her video “I Like Boys” was nominated for LOGO’s “Ultimate Sexiest Videos” weekly contest beside videos by Ciara, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, the Pussycat Dolls, and more.

How to be a Redhead sat down with the sincere, genuine and smart (to name a few) Fabulous Miss Wendy to discuss her love for being a vibrant redhead, her music career and more..

H2BAR: Let’s start with the most important topic, your hair color. From pictures, it goes from bright red to bright pink. Why do you love being a “redhead” .. and sometimes a “pink head?” 

TFMW:  [Chuckles] I started dying my hair red when I was 14. At first, I started with small pieces and kept going until it was all over her head. I always switch it up and no matter what, I always go back to being a redhead. I feel really confident and know I should have been born a redhead. Last week, I went purple, but always am sure to keep red streaks in it. Red is such a dramatic color and I love the way it makes me feel- it’s so fun!

H2BAR: How did you get the name The Fabulous Miss Wendy? 

TFMW:  It was an organic thing. When I was in performance classes during my school days, one of my teachers would say, “The Fabulous Miss Wendy” when calling me up to stage and it just stuck.

H2BAR: What are you biggest accomplishments thus far? 

TFMW: My biggest accomplishments are probably the records and music videos I have made; and am very thankful that I have kept creative control over all of my work. One of my songs, “Jailbait, debuted at #1 on the Japanese Video Charts and was the #2 Music Video in Japan for all of 2012, right behind the popular U.S. song “Thrift Shop.”

H2BAR: What is your advice to [redheaded] women who want to pursue their dreams? 

TFMW: My advice to women who have dreams is to follow your gut and do what you love. It’s really really important to follow it or it will give up and you’ll get sad. Keep listening to your instincts, step outside of your comfort zones, push through it and you’ll realize that it is nothing bad at all. There is this surivival instinct that we all have and you can’t be afraid. Remember, failing is your way to success! Keep going and the ones that do are always successful.

H2BAR: This year, you are getting ready to go on tour to put out your new album, “No One Can Stop Me!” What inspired the album?

TFMW: Just like How to be a Redhead, my goal is to empower females. We are on our way to taking over the world! You can find all my music and more on iTunes. Rock it like a Redhead! 



Redheads: What to Wear on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is here! And whether you’re Irish or not, it’s always a fun holiday to celebrate. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to slip into something green, which will go perfectly with your fabulous red hair.  And you want to avoid being pinched, right?

Here are ideas on what to rock this St. Patrick’s Day:

1. If you want to go for an all green look, why not slip into a comfortable sundress? You can choose between long, short, with sleeves, without. Just make sure to let your red hair down!

2. If the weather is chilly, pair a green sweater with dark wash skinny jeans. The bright green will definitely make a statement against your gorgeous red locks!

3. Still haven’t tried colored denim? Try overalls or skinny jeans.

4. Wear a neutral outfit and spice up the look with some green accessories!

5. Want to try a green eyeshadow? Choose a fun palette like this one from Charlotte Tilbury.

7. Showcase your red hair with the How to be a Redhead Bobby Pins. There are three shades that are designed for the different types of red hair and put in one convenient package.

What will you be wearing for St. Patrick’s Day?

Photo Credit:

Carmina Alvarez

The Redhead Skincare Routine for Dewy Makeup

Wondering how some have the most perfect dewy, redhead skin? Before applying makeup, the secret is to have a great skincare routine. This routine will give you great dewy skin and will make your makeup look even better.

The following products have been tested on a redhead for a maximum of 10 days and deemed ‘Redhead Friendly’:

1. Cleanser: Estee Lauder ‘Perfectly Clean Splash Away’ Foaming Wash:

This product has a creamy consistency that turns to foam once you apply it on your skin. It cleans thoroughly, reduces shine considerably, leaves skin silky smooth and with a natural glow. Excellent for everyday use.

2. Toner: Kiehl’s ‘Cucumber Herbal’ Alcohol-Free Toner:

This alcohol-free formula and ideal for a redhead’s sensitive skin. It soothes and calms the skin, and also reduces the size of pores, leaving skin super fresh and firm.

3. Skin Serum: Ole Henriksen ‘Truth’ Serum Collagen Booster:

This alcohol-free formula and ideal for a redhead’s sensitive skin. It soothes and calms the skin, and also reduces the size of pores, leaving skin super fresh and firm.

4. Moisturizer: Ole Henriksen ‘Herbal Day’ Creme, SPF 15:

This is a perfect pick for warmer weather because it has a very light texture and the skin absorbs it pretty quickly. It will leave your skin with a natural glow and feeling refreshed. It has a fresh minty smell.

5. Eye Serum: Laura Mercier Eye Serum

It contains light reflecting particles that brightens the entire eye area and will give it a luminous effect, which is perfect if you want to obtain an all over dewy skin. You will immediately see the difference once you first apply it.

Ready to move to makeup, follow great tutorials below:

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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Whip Hand Cosmetics Teams with How to be a Redhead to Create Lip Palettes for Redheads

Over the past ten years, we, Adrienne and Stephanie, have explored all shades of lip color in search of hues to complement our hard-to-match complexion. We gravitated towards the makeup brand, Whip Hand Cosmetics because its look and feel was a lot like a redhead’s personality:  fun, contemporary, feisty and full of life. Then, we tried the product and were blown away by its quality. We thought to ourselves, “Was this brand created for redheads? We love it.”

Whip Hand Cosmetics provides ultra-premium, professional makeup artist quality cosmetics Made in Detroit with Attitude™. Aside from lip cremes, the Whip Hand Cosmetics collection includes high-pigment eyeshadows and blushes, lip veneers, creme blushes and professional skincare and prep products.

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Whip Hand Cosmetics to create lip palettes exclusively for redheads! 

When our experiences met the experts of Whip Hand Cosmetics the result is revolutionary: “redhead friendly” lip products that promote confidence and beauty.

“Redheads have traditionally been an under-served group when it comes to cosmetics,” says Riese Lauriat, founder and chief makeup artist at Whip Hand Cosmetics, “What we wanted to do was present products in a way that makes it easy for women with red hair to find their perfect shade.”

With the help of us, Whip Hand Cosmetics designed two lip palettes completely inspired by redheads. The day time look, EmpoweRED™, features cool toned lip crèmes, while GlamouRED™ is a warm creme collection to prep lips for a night on the town.



Each palette comes with four lip cremes to give redheads a choice depending on their mood and occasion. What’s different about these lip palettes is that they empower and beautify redheads at the same time!

Each lip palette comes with a premium Stilazzi travel lip brush for application. The lip palette retails for $49.

Palettes will premiere at Rock it Like a Redhead, How to be a Redhead’s first live beauty and fashion event for Redheads on March 16, 2013. They will be on sale on on March 18, 2013.






Photo Credit for Main Photo: Kara Kochalko, © How to be a Redhead

Photo Credit for Palette Shots:  © Whip Hand Cosmetics

Get The Look

The 4 Most Important Rules to Rockin’ Red on Red

Jessica Chastain showed off a red dress at the Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear show at Paris Fashion Week on Monday, March 4th. She mixed her dress with red lips and her red hair; and proved that it is a great look for any redhead.

Here are simple tips to achieve this classic look when mix matching reds with your red hair:

1. Wear Your Hair Up: By Jessica wearing her hair up in an undo, the red dress did not clash with her hair or her red lips.

2. Choose The Right Red: It is important to have different shades of red to work with. So, when choosing a red dress and red lipstick, depending on your tone of red hair, choose a dress that is brighter and a lipstick that is darker, or vise versa.

3. Embrace Your Pale Skin: Although many redheads love a touch of bronzer or blush on the cheeks, when wearing lots of red, it is important to keep your skin bare or else the color from the bronzer or blush will clash with the different shades of red. This is a great opportunity for you to embrace your pale skin and rock it!

4. Darker Eye: When mixing reds with your ivory skin, enhance your features with a bit more black mascara and an eyeliner of your choice. It will give life to your face and skin.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


The Top Pink Lipsticks for Redheads

Updated: October 26th, 2023

Redheads look gorgeous in a bold lip. Pink is a very complementary ‘redhead friendly’ color to explore with your red hair.

Start with a subtle pink shade if you’re a little weary about drawing attention to your lips but want to start exploring with some color. If you’re already an adventurous lipstick wearer, opt for bright pinks and fuschias.

READ: Find Out About Your Skin Tone With These Easy Tricks

Here are some of our favorite ‘Redhead Friendly’ pink shades to rock this year:

1. How to be a Redhead Finally Bold® Lipsticks

Yes, you heard it right. Finally Bold® is clean, cruelty-free, vegan and made in the USA. Discover three shades made for redheads. Shop now.

Finally Bold® Lipsticks

2. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick, Velvet Underground

3. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick, Nippon

4. Lipstick Queen, Saint Hot Rose

5. Maybelline Color Sensational Made For All Lipstick, Pink For Me

6. ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner,  Little Sister 

7. Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Lipstick, Gentlemen Prefer Pink

8. LANCÔME L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick, Champagne 

Will you be rockin’ pink with your red hair? Comment below.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Carmina Alvarez

Redheads: A Must-Try Color Depositing Hair Care Line

We all know red hair, natural or dyed, tends to fade with time and it’s a never-ending struggle to find the right products to keep red hair vibrant and completely moisturized. One of the best ways a redhead can bring life back to her hair without dying it is with color depositing shampoos and conditioners.

A well known professional hair product company, Davines, began in a laboratory and evolved into producing high-end hair products using natural ingredients. ‘The Alchemic Line’ is designed to reactivate and enhance natural or cosmetic hair color. Its formula contains pure color pigments and deep conditioners to ensure softness and glossy hair.

Here is a look at the line of Davines’ products that are perfect for redheads:

1. Davines Alchemic Copper Shampoo: This is one of the best “redhead friendly” color depositing products because it is not harsh on red hair and is recommended for everyday use because it cleanses hair gently and leaves it smelling great. And, for those that are redheads “by choice,” it won’t strip away color because among its ingredients, is pure color pigments and hydrolyzed milk proteins to add color, condition and protect the red hair to the maximum.



2. Davines Alchemic Copper Conditioner: The consistency and texture of the product is creamy and copper toned, leaving red hair with lots of shine and silkiness. Apply and leave in 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse and you will see the immediate results.


Redhead Tip: Before you use a color depositing shampoo and conditioner, use a clarifying shampoo to thoroughly clean your hair and to get rid of product build-up and any residues.

Rock it like a Redhead! 



We are proud to announce that we will be releasing the first redhead bobby pins that have been created specifically for the three different types of red hair: “ginger,” “auburn/ruby red” and “midnight red.”redhead-bobby-pins-how-to-be-a-redhead

How to be a Redhead always recommends that hair accessories be worn to make red hair “pop.” Adrienne and Stephanie both realized that redhead bobby pins were a necessity and made the revolutionary decision to create the world’s first bobby pins for redheads!

Adrienne said, “There are so many different types of red hair. The three most common are the “ginger” redhead, the “true red” redhead and the “deep, auburn” redhead. So, what we did was, we took the time and created a bobby pin for each of those redheads and put them all in one easy package. The bobby pin will camouflage into the hair of some redheads, but the bobby pins have been designed to make red hair pop.”

Stephanie, pictured above, always rocks the different color bobby pins in her high buns and the compliments are endless! Sometimes, she wants the bobby pins to match her hair and other times, she wants them to show. With the three options in one package, it is easy to play around with different looks.

The bobby pins will premiere at Rock it like a Redhead, the live beauty and fashion event for Redheads, on March 16, 2013.

Stephanie said, “Every single detail about Rock it like a Redhead has been selected and handpicked for redheads. So, it is only appropriate that we release the redhead bobbi pins to the attendees during the evening of the event.”

Find out more about this revolutionary ‘redhead friendly’ product that every redhead must have:


Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko

Hair and Makeup: Kiera Doyle

Wardrobe Stylist: Andrew Reynolds

© How to be a Redhead


“Redhead Friendly” Drugstore Finds for Under $20

Rachel Moffett

Spring Fashion Trends for Redheads

By: Rachel Moffett

It’s almost time to put those winter coats in storage because spring is right around the corner, ladies!  Now is the time to take a look at your wardrobe and see if you have spring’s hottest trends ready to wear when those temperatures warm up.

PEEK-A-BOO:  This spring, showing a little skin is in!  Tops with creative cutouts, sheer fabrics, and even midriff-baring tops were all over the spring runways last year.  Try the Sparkle & Fade Cutout Peplum Tank Top to give this trend a go.  Not only does it have little cutouts at the waist, it also has a flattering peplum shape!

STATEMENT SUNNIES:  Sunglasses are a must when the sun is shining, no matter what time of year it is.  So, why not stand out with a pair of statement-making shades?  Take a look back at the 3.1 Phillip Lim and Diane von Furstenberg runways and you’ll see the models donning all kinds of daring sunnies.  If you want to grab yourself a pair, the Tory Burch Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses are perfect for spring in the gorgeous watermelon shade!

BOLD STRIPES: Stripes are always a classic look, but a bold stripe is very popular for spring, as seen on the Michael Kors runway.  For those chilly spring days, slip into the Topshop Knitted Zip Stripe Jumper to keep warm and stay on trend!

LUXE LEATHER.  A little leather is a must-have in any gal’s wardrobe.  Instead of the usual leather jacket, try adding some leather to your look by way of a dress or skirt.  The Alice + Olivia Box Pleat Leather Skirt is perfect for spring in its grey shade since it’ll pair nicely with all those florals and bright colors you’ll surely be sporting!

Is your “redhead friendly” wardrobe ready for spring?