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Eye Makeup: Tips for Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Brows and More

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Updated: September 13th, 2023

Eye makeup application can be intimidating, but with a little knowledge and few simple techniques, you can create captivating, beautiful eyes! Use these tips to beautify your eyes:


Brows frame your eyes, so be sure they are well groomed. Most redheads have very light, blondish eyebrows, so it is best to visit a licensed aesthetician to have your brows properly shaped to fit your face. Fill in any gaps with a brow pencil; always use a shade that is slightly lighter than your hair color. Brows that are too dark can overwhelm the eyes and look unnatural.

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For the perfect brows, use the Ultra Fine Redhead Brow Pencil’s automatic liner with a built-in grooming brush to fill in brows. Then, use the Volumizing to tint, condition and fluff. Lastly, use the Longwearing to tint, tame and lock. Get ready for fluffy, full, and always natural-looking redhead brows.


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SPOILER ALERT! Dropping this fall: Finally Have Brows Clear Brow Gel. It’s best for redheads who want to embrace their natural brow color but desire a fuller/more even look. Tip: This product can be also be applied after using Finally Have Brows gels or pencil in Universal Red. Coming soon!

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To open up your eyes and give you a fresh appearance, use concealer to mute any dark circles or discoloration. Start with a moisturizer to prep the delicate area under your eyes; not only will this plump up the skin but it will give the concealer a dewey, youthful texture.

Try: Clinique ‘Line Smoothing’ Concealer is a creamy blend that goes on like silk and will not crease or crack from expressions or wear.


After you’ve applied concealer around the eye, use an eyeshadow primer on your lids. Primers will hold your shadow in place and eliminate creases.

Try: Urban Decay ‘Eyeshadow Primer Potion’ and Benefit ‘Stay Don’t Stray’


Eyeshadow illuminates and defines eyes; well chosen shades can enhance and intensify your eye color. It’s most flattering to choose shadow colors that contrast with your eye color and really make them pop. Matching your shadow to your eye color can create a flat, boring look– and no redhead wants that.

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