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Dressing Your Fiery Red Tresses for Summer

By: Jacqueline Arthur 

Spring/Summer is my favorite time of year for my red hair. The sunlight hits it and I feel as if my ginger locks are sparkling in the warm rays. This season is the perfect time to make our red hair our most noticeable feature. I don’t know about the rest of you redheads, but I always feel that my hair comes to life when the warm weather arrives. So now, it’s time to show it some love.

Here are my favourite ways to dress my tresses during the Spring/Summer. By adding accessories to our locks, we instantly create a visual impact on the rest of the world, making everybody stand up and take notice of how much redheads rock!

1. Summer Hats 

Not just an accessory, but pretty much a summer staple for our wardrobes. When the sun is high in the sky, and the reading on the thermometer goes up, it’s time to crack out our sun-protecting summer essentials. And a hat is definitely one of them! We redheads know how important it is to keep covered up in the sun, and there is no better excuse to go out and treat ourselves to a sophisticated summer hat.

I am a huge fan of the classic straw hat style. They can be dressed up or down, and the natural colours amplify my fiery locks to the max! There are so many different styles out there: Boaters are great for a vintage/retro style, and look good with both daytime and nighttime outfits, and big, floppy-brimmed hats add a touch of glamour when teamed with a pair of over-sized sunglasses. Head on out and choose a hat style that you like the best, and have fun dressing it up or down.


2. Hair Jewelry 

With summer quickly approaching, it can only mean one thing – festival season! Hair jewelry is back this season, and it’s looking prettier and more boho-chic than ever! Don’t just think that sparkly hair pieces are for festival goers. Oh no. Any redhead can rock this look. Just as you would adorn your neck, wrists or ankles with jewellery, you can do exactly the same with your hair.

With different pieces to suit all ages and fashion styles, there will be something to suit everybody. Opt for brushed golds or silvers to really pick up the fiery tones of your hair, and if you want to go big and bold, find pieces that are adorned with awesome gems. Picking a piece that has jewel-toned stones will complement your luscious red locks and instantly draw attention to your glorious hair.

If you do want to make a statement with your hair, go for a simple accompanying outfit to let your head do all the talking. Keep additional accessories to a minimum to really make your hair stand out.


3. Florals

Florals aren’t just a trend for Spring. With the number of colours and styles that are out there, we redheads can rock them all year round. And yes, that means on our heads too. With the warmer weather comes the perfect opportunity to take inspiration from nature and carry a piece of it with us.

Floral headwear can come in many forms: from simple hair clips to full on floral crowns, and colours that vary from neutrals to bright, bold, and even neon colours.  The choices are endless when it comes to deciding what you want to go for and how daring you want to be.

Crowns definitely make the biggest statement, so if you want to try this style, underplay the rest of your outfit. Floral headbands add a subtle touch of Boho-chic and make beautiful festival-wear for our hair without being OTT. And a simple hair tie or clip can add a suggestion of understated elegance if you just want to add a touch of summer to your look. If you are feeling super-crafty, you could even buy some artificial flowers from the store, and using one of our Redhead bobby pins create your own floral hair clips!

With no limits to colour, style or size, this season is definitely the time to make our luscious locks sizzle with sexy, summery sophistication.

Rock it like a Redhead!