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Grooming 101: 10 Must-Know Tips for Redhead Men

Guys, Be Your Best Redhead Self!

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There are a lot of basic grooming tips out there for men, and most of them follow the same guidelines. Learning basic hygiene and grooming comes easy to most people, but for redhead men, there are a few tips you might not have been told. Redheads experience things a little differently than most people, and it’s important to make sure your grooming habits are suited to your redhead needs. Here are our top 10 must-know grooming tips for redhead men. 

1. Cleanse Daily

Keeping your skin clean is the best way to prevent things like acne and blemishes. Wash your face with a lightweight, gentle cleanser every day. This is important for removing dirt, sweat, and oils that accumulate on your skin. It’s best to wash your face once at night and once in the morning. 

2. Keep Moisturized

Washing your face regularly means you also need to be moisturized. Moisturizing your skin will keep it looking and feeling good. Moisturizing helps to reduce dry patches, flakiness, and uneven skin texture. Moisturize after you shower and after you wash your face. 

3. Always Wear SPF 

Redheads are at a huge risk for skin cancer, and redhead men are at an even higher risk because most don’t wear sunscreen. Wearing SPF every single day will ensure your risk is greatly reduced. 

4. Take Care of Your Sensitive Skin

Both redhead men and women can have more sensitive skin. This means our skin might react poorly to products, get irritated easily, or break out often. Keep your skincare and grooming routine simple, use sensitive skin-friendly products, and avoid skincare ingredients like fragrance or alcohol. 

5. Chapstick is Your Friend

Nobody likes dry, flakey, cracked lips so wear chapstick! Unscented, unflavored chapstick is the perfect way to add some moisture to your lips and keep them looking fresh. You don’t need anything fancy, just make sure you’re keeping your lips hydrated. 

6. Change Your Razors

Because most redheads have sensitive skin, it’s common for redhead men to experience razor burn and irritation from shaving. Make sure you’re changing your razor blades frequently to reduce irritation. 

7. Avoid Nickel

Another reason you might have shaving irritation? Nickel. Tons of redheads are actually allergic to nickel. A nickel allergy can cause redness, bumps, inflammation, and irritation, so when you’re shopping for razors, look for nickel-free blades. 

8. Trim Beard + Brows

Just like when you get your hair cut, you need to keep on top of trimming your beard (if you have one) and your eyebrows. Facial hair can easily become unkempt and look messy. Trimming up your facial hair will help you to look clean and tidy. Worried you can’t do it on your own? Ask your barber to help you out! If you want to take things a step further, you can even apply clear brow gel to your brows to tame them in place. 

9. Apply Beard Oil

If you have facial hair, you’ve got to keep it hydrated. Beard oil will keep your beard looking, smelling, and feeling amazing. It’s also important to wash your beard with shampoo and conditioner — just like your hair.

10. Get to Know Your Barber

Having a good barber that you know and trust is key. They will keep you looking fresh, help you with general grooming of your facial hair, and might even have other grooming tips for you.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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