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A Redhead’s Complete Guide to Skinification

Yes, this is a new term and the process can help you elevate your haircare routine

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There’s a new term that’s been popping up over the past year or so called “skinification.” It typically refers to the trend of incorporating skincare ingredients or practices into other beauty and personal care products, like makeup or haircare. It reflects the growing emphasis on skincare benefits in various beauty routines, beyond traditional skincare products. For example, foundations with added skincare ingredients or hair products that claim to provide skincare benefits are instances of the skinification trend. It’s essentially about merging the worlds of skincare and other beauty categories to offer multi-functional products.

To break it down, skinification is the method of treating the rest of your body with the same attention that goes into your skincare routine. Another term for it can be head-to-toe skincare. It is also about introducing ingredients your face and body will love. Some of these include hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, etc. A lot of the ingredients we use on our faces can have great benefits for our hair, if used properly. 

Not sure how to get started with skinification? Here are 6 simple ways: 

1. Start with a hyaluronic acid to incorporate into your skincare routine. 

To incorporate hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine, start with a gentle cleanser. Afterward, apply a few drops of a hyaluronic acid serum to your damp skin, patting it in gently to help your skin absorb it effectively. Wait a few minutes for it to fully soak in, and then follow up with a moisturizer to lock in the hydration. If it’s morning, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage. You can use hyaluronic acid in both your morning and evening routines, making it a daily addition to your skincare regimen. Always consider your specific skin type and needs while introducing new products gradually to your routine.

2. Stimulate the scalp with a scalp massager

Using a scalp massager is a simple and relaxing process. Enjoy the soothing sensation and take your time to cover your entire scalp. Scalp massagers can help improve blood circulation, exfoliate the scalp, and provide a sense of relaxation, making them a valuable addition to your hair care routine – especially if you experience scalp tension or dryness.

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3. Enhance your natural brows and lashes

We created the Finally Have Brows and Finally Have Lashes line with clean, vegan, paraben-free/sulfate-free ingredients. Just like clean skincare, we knew the H2BAR redhead beauty line had to follow the same desires our followers have requested for more than a decade.

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4. Exfoliate your body using a redhead-friendly body scrub

Exfoliating your body is a beneficial skincare practice that removes dead skin cells, enhances skin texture, and improves the efficacy of other products. Pay extra attention to rough areas like elbows and knees. Remember to be gentle, especially with physical scrubs, as excessive pressure can irritate the skin. Always select products suited to your skin type and perform a patch test for new exfoliants to ensure compatibility.

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5. Use a nourishing body moisturizer

Selecting a nourishing body moisturizer involves a few key considerations. Begin by identifying your skin type. Look for moisturizers containing hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, glycerin, ceramides, and natural oils. Take into account any specific skin concerns you may have, whether it’s eczema, acne, or signs of aging, and opt for products formulated to address these issues. Fragrance-free options are gentler for sensitive skin. With these considerations, you can find a nourishing body moisturizer that keeps your skin well-hydrated and healthy.

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6. Treat your red hair to a hydrating shampoo

Formulated with Vitamin B3, olive oil, coconut oil and green tea, it is a clean, plant-based shampoo for redheads.

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Rock it like a Redhead! 


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