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Why Aren’t Men, Specifically Redhead Men, Wearing Sunscreen?

Redhead men are at a much higher risk to develop skin cancer than redhead women

Sunscreen is vital for redheads, with the risk of skin cancer being anywhere from 10 to 100 times more that of other hair colors. For redheaded men, the risk increases even more. 

Sun damage and skin cancer can happen to anyone, of any skin color, age, or gender. However, men over 50 are actually more likely than women to develop skin cancer. We know the risk of skin cancer increases with age, most likely due to more sun exposure over your lifetime. Shockingly, this also means redheaded men are more likely to develop skin cancer than redheaded women. 

Studies show only 14% of men are using sun protection, so it makes sense why they are at a much higher risk. 

Why aren’t men wearing sunscreen?

Sunscreen and sun protection products are often seen as “women products”. A study done by Boston University found that over 75% of sun care and sun protection advertising is targeted toward women. 

When sunscreens are being advertised, they are seen as cosmetics, even though in the US they are technically categorized as over-the-counter medication. Most cosmetics and skincare products are advertised in a way that talks about softening the skin, caring for delicate skin, and keeping skin youthful. Stereotypically, men don’t think these things apply to them.

Skin cancer is a huge risk for men, and the gendering of sunscreen is only harming them more. Unfortunately, until we can change the narrative we probably won’t see a lot of men using sunscreen and the death toll from skin cancer among men will only rise. 

Rock it like a Redhead + always wear sunscreen.


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