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6 Reasons Why Redhead Men Make The Best Partners & Fathers

And 6 reasons why redhead male stereotypes are wrong:

There has always been the allure of the redheaded woman. She is exotic, sensual and temperamental. She is as fierce as her hair color.

But sadly, while the redheaded women have a certain aura, our redheaded brothers are seen in a different light. Awkward, nerdy, and perhaps a bit anti-social. The redheaded male sometimes suffers by reputation.

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Since Father’s Day is right around the corner, I wanted to share 6 reasons why redhead male stereotypes are wrong; and why redheaded men deserve more attention:

1. Redheads are known to be loyal, loving and committed

Many might pass over the male redhead for a blonde or a brunette merely because they have red hair, and they’re missing out! 

2. Redhead men know how to teach their children (or kids, in general) about self-confidence, & appreciation for being different.

A redheaded male knows what it is like to be teased and has grown stronger because of it. 

3. Many redheaded males we have a great sense of humor. 

Could this be from them knowing how to take a joke; since they have heard the ‘redhead jokes’ for so long?

4. A redheaded male knows the importance of skincare..

especially when it comes to using sunscreen in the summer months.

5. Redhead men are gaining quite the reputation! Prince Harry is a redhead. 

So is Ed Sheeran and Damian Lewis.

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6. Redheaded men may have redheaded children who will then pass on the redhead gene to the next generation.

I’m dedicating this post to my own father who is a brunette, but his mother was a redhead, has a redhead wife (my mom) and two redheaded daughters (my sister and I). 

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Rock it like a Redhead! 

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