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15 (More) Songs About Redheads

Who doesn't enjoy a good ol' song about red hair? Listen and share below!

By: Brenna Gray

Clearly redheads can rock beauty, confidence and fashion BUT who knew that we could rock the charts when it comes to music? My last post 12 Songs About Redheads featured my personal favorite musical lyrics about redheads. The post gained so many likes, comments and shares on social media that I figured I would do a fun follow up to it, or should I say encore?

I asked you to leave comments telling me if you knew more songs about redheads and many of you replied with amazing tunes that I had never heard of or had forgotten about. Thank you! Without further adieu, here are some more ‘Redhead Friendly’ songs for all you crimson haired beauties to rock out to:

1. “Little Redhead” by Paddyboy (feat. Michael Hanson)

2. “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” by Brooks & Dunn

“You should know I love ya, you should know I love ya, you should know I love ya little redhead.”

3. “Prejudice” by Tim Minchin

The bartender asks me says son what’ll it be, I want a shot at that redhead yonder lookin’ at me”

4. “Ain’t Going Down (‘Til The Sun Comes Up)” by Garth Brooks

“Only a ginger can all another ginger, ginger”

5. “Green Eyes, Red Hair” by Gaelic Storm

“Pick him up at seven and they’re headin’ to the rodeo, Momma’s on the front porch screamin’ out her warning, Girls you better get your red head back in bed before the morning”

6. “Good Time” by Counting Crows

“Green eyes, red hair, long legs, Devil inside her, Green eyes, red hair, long legs, She’s got the devil inside her. She’s a glass house, she’s and ivory tower, She’s a tin roof, she’s a summer shower.”

7. “I Ran” by A Flock of Seagulls

“I really really love the red haired girls, I’m just another boy from Texas, C’mon and take a spin, hey, I gotta brand new set of wings, Man I sure do love them red haired girls.”

8. “Cinnamon Girl” by Neil Young

“I walked along the avenue, I never thought I’d meet a girl like you, meet a girl like you, With auburn hair and tawny eyes, the kind of eyes that hypnotize me through.”

9.”Honey Jar” by The Wood Brothers

“I wanna live with a cinnamon girl, I could be happy the rest of my life, With a cinnamon girl.”

10. “Keeping the Faith” by Billy Joel

“Yeah white skin freckles big heart candy green eyes, I bet you wish you had your red-headed woman back sometime.”

11. “Red Hair” by Shawn Desman

“I thought I was the Duke of Earl When I made it with a red-haired girl.”

12. “Redhead Girl” by Air

“My girl walked in today, but there was something strange. I still recognized her face but something else had changed (oohooh). She had bright red hair, I just stopped and stared. Walked by me like she didn’t care, that hair was always there.”

13. “Red Headed Woman” by Wade Bowen

“When the redhead girl goes by, The course of time stands still, When the redhead girl goes by, Goes by. Goes by.”

14.”Samson” by Regina Spektor

“She’s a red headed woman with a cigarette and evil in her eyes, She’s a red headed woman with a cigarette that’s her clever disguise.”

15. “I Want the Redhead!” by Dulahan

“A red haired girl could rule my world, fair skin, freckles and those lovely Irish curls
Mix in a little bit of that sassy attitude, there’s only one thing I conclude
I want the Red Head, I want the Red Head, don’t let me live my life never having seen
I want the Red Head, I want the Red Head
I want the same thing that every young Irishman dreams
I can’t complain with blue eyes and blond hair, they say California has more than their share
But life’s rushing past and I’m falling behind, there’s something I’ve got to find.”

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Which is your favorite? Do you have more to share with me?

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Rock it like a Redhead!