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33 Reasons Why Being A Redhead Is Awesome

The list can go on and on....

Whether you’re a natural or chosen redhead, one thing we can all agree on is: we’re a pretty awesome group of women and men. Here are the 33 reasons:

1. We stand out in a crowd.


2. We’re majestic unicorns.


3. And, mermaids of the sea.

4. Natural redheads are 2% of the population.

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5. Red is the rarest color in the world.

Unique like woah!

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6. We are blessed with magical night stars a.k.a freckles.

7. We’re very fashionable at the beach.

8. It’s a secret club.

There’s that knowing glance when you see a redhead and it’s magical.


9. We’ve developed a sense of redhead humor.

Especially with makeup.

10. We have fabulous redhead celebrities to represent us.

11. …And male comedians.

Conan O’Brien being one of them.

12. There’s even a redhead beauty book out there to give us exclusive tips.

The How to be a Redhead Beauty Book!

13. ..And a redhead subscription box!

The January H2BAR Box. 

14. Hair accessories and apparel, too.

Bobby pins, hair ties and bun makers.

15. Even though we don’t have a redhead emoji, we do have a few to represent us.

NEWS: Redhead emojis ARE coming.

16. Studies say we don’t get grey.

Hands up in the air for this one.

17. We develop our own Vitamin D.

18. Studies show we have our own personal scent.

It all makes sense now.

19. The gene is so dominant it travels to male beards.

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20. The red gene can be found in all nationalities
21. We might even be genetically superior.

22. We look like each other.

We’re all so beautiful, so this is such a bonus!

23. We have our own season.

It’s called ‘Redhead Season’.

24. We have thicker hair than any other hair color.

..But fewer strands of hair.

25. Red hair is rare, unique.. and out of this world amazing.

26. We wouldn’t be ‘us’ without our red hair.

27. We aren’t going extinct and we DO have a soul.

28. We get asked what color our shade is from. 

29. We live and breathe sunscreen, hats, umbrellas and UPF clothing. 

Yes, this is an awesome thing.

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30. We have the best Disney princess. 

31. And the most beautiful Pixar character. 

Those curls! Fact: Merida is the first female protagonist in a Pixar film.

32. We have a day just for celebrating loving your red hair.

It’s called National Love Your Red Hair Day on November 5th

33. We have the MC1R gene and apparently, it makes you look younger

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… Why do you love being a redhead? Rock it like a Redhead!