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Pump Up Your Red Look: Inspired By Disney Pixar’s New Movie, Brave

Approximately 13% of Scotland’s population are redheads and Disney Pixar’s film Brave debuts in the Highlands of Scotland this summer. One of those redheads, although a animation, is an admiring beauty- her name is Merida and she’s featured as the lead heroine in Disney Pixar’s Brave.

Merida is a strong and fearless redhead- characteristics that all redheads have- and does a great job at exemplifying her fieriness in the film. Her confidence brings her to the forefront of summer trends this summer.

We know her character has to stem from the woman behind Merida’s voice, Kelly Macdonald. Kelly is also a real-life, beautiful redhead and is also a beauty inspiration to us all this season.

Want to get Merida (and Kelly’s) look? Here are four tips to get the redhead look:

1. Take Care of The Red Hair: Red hair (natural or bottled) needs lots of care because it is a rare color that can fade and get damaged easily. Plus, it is always great to have shiny, vibrant red locks like Merida & Kelly. We are huge fans of Pureology Hydra Cure – Intense Moisture Hair Masque. The product delivers deep hydration and quenches hair’s thirst.

2. Styling: This season, it is all about vibrant, red locks with volume. We love traditional velcro rollers. Tips: Make sure your hair is damp; take rectangular sections of the hair, hold the hair away from the scalp and comb it flat. Place the roller at the end of the section and, using both hands, roll the hair onto the roller from end to root. You can use bobby pins to secure the rollers. Keep in until your hair is dry. Flip hair upside down and spray with hairspray.

3. Makeup: It’s time to pump up your makeup and show off your fiery redhead personality. Pump up the eye with ‘redhead friendly’ colors shades.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Tips: Opt for a navy blue and light blue eyeliner pencil, pale gold eyeshadow and mascara. First, accent your brow bone with a few swipes pale gold shadow (make sure your eyebrows are plucked and defined!). Then, line your upper lashes with a navy blue pencil. Do the same to your lower lashes using a light blue pencil. Lightly, go over the pencil lines with the gold eyeshadow to blend in the color. Lastly, apply a brown/black mascara.

4. Fashion: Fashion trends this season are demonstrating ‘redhead friendly’ colors and Merida’s bright blue outfits make her hair and skin pop. Find a blue dress that can be transformed from day to night. Or, go right for the gold (especially near Halloween) and get Merida’s actual dress.

You’re sure to turn heads this summer with Merida’s fierce red look.

Keep beautifully red and Rock it like a Redhead!