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What Does Ethical & Sustainable Beauty Mean For Redheads?

Celebrate sustainability every day, not just on Earth Day.


Updated: September 12, 2023

When most people think of sustainability, their first thoughts are things like recycling, composting, and low-waste living. When it comes to the beauty-world, sustainability is so much more. Beauty is by nature a consumer market. The items are meant to be consumed and repurchased while also staying hygienic and safe for use, and this cycle doesn’t always fit the mold of sustainability. So, what does sustainability mean in the beauty world? What steps can you take to be more sustainable with your beauty products? And, what does sustainability mean for redheads? 

Sustainability in beauty can be broken down into three basic parts and each part impacts the sustainability of a product. The best option is to find beauty products that are sustainable in all three ways, but if you can find one or two ways it’s a great start too: 

  1. Sourcing, manufacturing, production, and packaging: Choosing products made by companies that have committed to low waste production, ethical practices, and using recycled materials is a way to put your money towards more sustainable options. This applies to everything from the company that makes the product to the stores you buy from. 
  2. Ingredients and testing: If you’re wondering how sustainability impacts redheads, this is a big one. Some products are filled with chemicals and harmful ingredients that are bad for the earth, the environment, your sensitive skin and red hair. These harmful products are less sustainable than those with clean ingredients, deemed cruelty-free, and do not test on animals. 
  3. Use and Disposal: Products that come in reusable, refillable, recycled, or recyclable packaging is always a more sustainable option. 

Consumers have to make conscious and informed decisions to be more sustainable. Here are a few ways you can implement more sustainability in your life: 

  • Buy multi-use products: The less you buy, the more sustainable you can be. Choose products that can serve multiple purposes and will leave you with less waste. 
  • Only buying what you need: It’s a simple concept — over-purchasing leads to excess waste. Start returning items you won’t use, or donate unopened items to an organization like Project Beauty Share or to a friend. This also means limiting back stock in your own home; wait until your products are almost gone to repurchase. If you purchase too far ahead you could run the risk of a product expiring or your taste changing before you have a chance to use it. 
  • Check the ingredients list: As mentioned, some products are more harmful to both the environment and your skin, so choosing cleaner products helps you to be more sustainable. At the same time, clean products are great for redhead skin. 
  • Reuse when you can and recycle what you can’t: Not all beauty products are going to be packaged in reusable packaging. If you come across something that isn’t then make sure you recycle what you can and dispose of the rest in the best way possible. 

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