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How Redheads Can Go Environmentally Green This St. Patrick’s Day

Great last minute tips on how to celebrate, too!

Kiss me, I’m eco-friendly!

Being trendsetters in our own right, with only 2% of the world redheaded, taking a unique approach to St. Patty’s Day this year should not be difficult. While St. Patty’s Day usually consists of hearty meats, wearing green, and kissing the Irish, all redheads can take a “greener” approach.

As redheads whose sensitive skin requires us to use natural and organic beauty products — we can go a step further and also take care of the earth. With most synthetic products harmful to our skin, we can go extra “green” on St. Patrick’s Day.

Celebrate this fun holiday by celebrating in an environmentally-friendly way. Here are some ideas:

1. Go meatless for the day

Corned beef & cabbage and shepherd’s pie are the go-to meals for St. Patty’s day, but with more people going vegan, there are endless options to make our favorite Irish meals better for the environment. Vegan shepherd’s pie with lentils and corned beef & cabbage with jackfruit are great plant-based alternatives. Plus, the benefits of eating a plant-based diet go beyond a decrease in the production of greenhouse gasses but are key to keep a redhead’s heart as strong as the fire in our hair.

2. Embrace eco-friendly makeup

While actual green-colored makeup should be the staple of any redhead’s St. Patty’s Day look, make it extra green this year with eco-friendly makeup products.

For the redhead looking to cover up blemishes, use the matcha green vegan 2nd Skin Corector from 100% Pure. To get the perfect eyelid look, use this vegan and cruelty-free Green Eyeliner from Glossier.

3. Give a kiss of life

While no one should ever try to kiss a redhead for luck on St. Patrick’s Day. But, we can give the kiss of life by planting a tree. One Tree Planted allows one to donate $1 towards planting a tree in the world’s most deforested areas.

4. Wear environmentally “green” clothes

As fashion brands look to be more sustainable, H&M has a great line of sustainable fashion options to choose from for your St. Patty’s Day look. Try pairing their Green Rib Knit Cardigan made from a LivaEco Viscose Blend with a pair of slim high ankle jeans stitched out of recycled cotton for the perfect complement to your red locks. Or, like pictured, go for an all-green look.

Another great way to break the cycle of fast fashion is by wearing a previous St. Patty’s Day outfit or go thrift shopping to cut down on the 11 million tons of textiles put in landfills by the US each year.

As you embrace going green this St. Patrick’s Day, don’t forget to Rock it like a Redhead!

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