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Why Redheads Should Try a Solid Scent

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

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We all want to smell good. Sometimes redheads can use traditional perfume because of skin sensitivity. Redheads have sensitive skin, and the alcohol in perfume can be really wreck havoc. You may have experienced breakouts, rashes and itching because you wanted to smell pretty. 

You might have opted to spray perfume on your clothes, but then you run the risk of staining and discoloration. This is where solid scents come in. If you haven’t heard of solid scents, you need to keep reading because they are a game changer for redheads: 

What are solid scents?

Solid scents is normal perfume in a solid form. Usually made from a wax base, these solid balm-like scent options are fragranced with essential oils and other more natural fragrance options. 

How do you use solid scents? 

You apply solid scents anywhere you would apply perfume to the skin and you will get a long-lasting scent without the harshness of a spray perfume. Most solid scents come in small packages similar to a lip balm tint and can be carried with you on the go.

What are the benefits of solid scents?

Not only are solid scents alcohol-free making them perfect for sensitive skin, but they usually have cleaner ingredients overall. They are also perfect for when you’re out and about and even traveling since they don’t count as a liquid. Many solid perfumes come in refillable packaging which makes them more sustainable and sometimes more affordable than bottled perfumes. They can also be more subtle than a traditional perfume and will keep you smelling amazing without filling the whole room with a smell others may not want to smell. 

Solid scents redheads should try: 

Rock it like a Redhead!


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