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Video: This is What Happens When 1,000 Gingers Unite

Would You Attend a Redhead Festival?

Redhead Days Festival

Did you know that there’s an annual gathering of redheads? That’s right! Every year for the last 12 years, redheads from across the globe have been gathering together for the Redhead Days Festival in the Netherlands. Redhead travel YouTuber, Drew Binksy, hopped on a plane last summer and headed to the 2022 festival to document what goes down when 1000 gingers unite.

Bart Rouwenhorts, the festival’s founder, created the festival over a decade ago for one simple reason: the camaraderie among redheads. In an interview, Bart tells Drew he sees redheads relating to one another as though they are family, and thus the festival was born to bring redheads together.

Drew also interviews other redhead attendees who talk about their experiences growing up with red hair and even shares his own experience about why he loves his red hair. Some of these redheads might be the only redhead in their family or friend group, and this festival gives them an opportunity to connect with people who share this trait. 

What kind of things happen at a ginger festival? Well, there’s food and drinking and even some redhead-specific activities like matching your color on a big board of red shades, the longest hair competition, art projects, and of course SPF dispensers.

So, what do you think? Would you go to a redhead festival? The 2023 dates have been announced, you can find those dates and more on the Redhead Days Festival website

Watch the full video here:


Rock it like a Redhead!

Photo Credit: Redhead Days Festival


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