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Photographer Captures Photos of Redheads Around the World

We Love Redhead Representation

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Brian Dowling is a Polish photographer who loves photographing redheads. Dowling has visited over 40 countries photographing redheads and even released a book in 2017 featuring many of his photos. You might recognize the model on the cover as none other than Madelaine Petsch. This was right before she rose to fame on the hit TV show Riverdale. 

Since releasing the book, Dowling hasn’t stopped photographing gorgeous redheads around the world. On his Instagram @briandowling, you can find photos of redheads from places like the United Kingdom, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Turkey, the US, and more.

Wondering how he got started doing this? While in Dublin, Dowling tweeted out a model call and a redhead responded. He says she is what really inspired the project because “he loves the uniqueness” he saw in redheads; and as a photographer, he enjoyed capturing the stand-out color of red hair. 

Rock it like a Redhead!

All photo rights belong to Brian Dowling.


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