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Photos: The 2023 Redhead Days Festival in the Netherlands

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Redhead Days Festival

Redhead Days (Roodharigendag in Dutch) is the name of a Dutch summer festival that takes place each last weekend of August in the Netherlands. It is an annual event that celebrates people with red hair. It typically includes various activities, such as music performances, cultural exhibitions, and social gatherings, all centered around redheads. The festival aims to promote awareness and appreciation for red hair while providing a sense of community for those with this unique trait. 

According to the Redhead Days organization website, the festival is “a gathering of tens of thousands of people in the city center of Tilburg, including many thousands of redheads from over 80 countries. It is the oldest, largest, and most spectacular redhead festival in the world.”

Since 2019, the festival has taken place in a park near the city center of Tilburg, Netherlands. This year’s festival included things like a kickoff party, campfire, multiple BBQs, portrait painting, information on makeup and skincare, food trucks, tandem bike riding, music, yoga, crafts, a kid’s corner, and more! Each year the festival has a themed color and this year the color was “hibiscus rose”. Festival goers were asked to wear the color for the group photo. To see more about the festival, and plan your trip for next year, visit the Redhead Days website

Check out some photos from the 2023 festival:

Photo Credit: REUTERS

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