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5 Summer Festival Outfits for Redheads

Cute Looks That Offer Some Sun Protection

It’s summer festival season, and usually, music festival fashion is all about showing some skin. As redheads, we know it can be tough to find an outfit you feel cute and confident in without having to worry about exposing too much skin to the sun. Every redhead should feel confident in what they wear, and of course, sunscreen is available to make any outfit a possibility, but if you’re looking for some inspo that provides a little sun coverage, keep on reading:

1. Two-Piece Set

Sets are great because they create a vibe. When choosing a two-piece set, opt for something that has long sleeves and long pants, or opt to expose just one area of the body so you have fewer spots to reapply your sunscreen. 

2. Band Tee + Skirt

No matter what type of concert or festival you’re headed to, you can’t go wrong with a band tee. Pair your tee with a long skirt to add some leg coverage while staying nice and cool. 

3. Long Flowy Dress

Another light and flowy option for keeping cool but keeping covered is a long flowy dress. Opt for something in a style that matches your personal style and you’re bound to look and feel amazing while keeping protected from the sun. 

4. Jeans + T-Shirt

If skirts aren’t your thing, try jeans and a top instead. This is a super simple and casual look but you can dress it up with accessories or even a fun print on your pants. 

5. Crazy Coveralls

For optimal leg coverage, you want long pants, and fun coveralls are a super trendy, comfortable, and cute option. Choose a fun print and pair it with your favorite shoes and accessories for an easy festival look. 

And of course, don’t forget the most important accessories of all for a redhead! You’ll need sunscreen and maybe even a hat to keep you protected from the sun. Remember to reapply your SPF every two hours and stay in the shade whenever you can.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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