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The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

It’s been a long, busy year here at How to be a Redhead. We’ve continued to spread the word about the world’s 1st and only brand for redheads, as we’ve landed in The New York Times, ABC News, SHAPE Magazine.. and more. We’ve tackled tips about society and their views on redheads, reasons to be thankful you have red hair, the best products for those with copper locks, and hundreds of other topics. We can’t wait to see you all in 2015 for our 5 city beauty tour across the USA. Details here! 

Here are the 10 stories you loved best in 2014:

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10. Experiment Proves Society Misunderstand a Redhead’s Beauty


In 2012, young artist, Shelby Tsuji, did a remarkable artistic experiment exploring self image and beauty in society. She applied a strip of painter’s tape down the center of a girl’s face and applied heavy make up to one side of her face. After removing the tape, she photographs the subject against a white background with heavy light and includes a statement from the model. One of those model’s was a redhead named Natalie.

The result is startling and intense.

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9. 11 Reasons Why You Should Be Thankful You’re a Redhead!


All we gotta say is, redheads should always feel extraordinary.

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8. 10 Things Every Redhead Wants To Hear On a Date


Men, take note.

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7. Keeping Red Hair Vibrant Without The Use of Dye


One of the most popular questions How to be a Redhead readers have is: “How do I keep my red hair from fading?!” If you’re a natural redhead or redhead ‘by choice,’ you may be wondering how you can keep your hair vibrant without the use of chemicals/permanent hair dye.

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6. Styling Tips for Redheads with Naturally Curly Hair


Everyone loves redheads with perfectly defined curls. You commonly hear, “Look at that curly red hair! How beautiful!” But, all naturally curly redheads  know we don’t wake up with perfect bouncy curls. It takes time! Not to mention, natural curls are frizz prone and takes a lot of effort to style. Some prefer to put a straightener to it to refrain from having to “deal with” the curls. But, my advice is to take full advantage of your natural texture.

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5. Redheads: Should You Try Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting?


Most redheads have blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. That’s why the joke amongst many copper haired ladies is: “Mascara and eyebrow pencil is my best friend!” When you add a few strokes of mascara, or slightly pencil in your brows, it helps to make your face and eyes pop. Instead of investing a lot of time applying and reapplying mascara and eyebrow pencil, many women have started eyelash and eyebrow tinting. Honestly, who wants to put on mascara and pencil if you don’t have to? Although eyelash and eyebrow tinting has hit the mainstream, many redheads haven’t tried them. So, we consulted the tinting experts to better understand if eyebrow and eyelash tinting is right for you.

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4. Transform Your Look: Top 7 Beauty Buys for Redheads


Are you treating yourself to new makeup this summer? Don’t look any further. We’ve selected 7 of the best makeup products for redheads. To get the scoop on what is the best-of-the-best, we spoke with makeup artist Jennifer Trotter from Fort Worth, TX. She has been a makeup professional for 23 years and is known for her before/after transformations, just look at the photo above! “I myself have dark auburn hair and a pale complexion. I just love working on redheads,” said Trotter.

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3. The Best Eyebrow Products for Redhead Brows


Most redheads have very specific makeup and skin questions, either about their sensitive skin, red hair, light eyelashes or blonde eyebrows. It’s important to figure out what eyebrow products are best for your shade of brows because they shape your entire face. Sometimes, all a redhead needs is a few swipes of mascara and shaping of the eyebrows. That’s why we’ve consulted with NYC Makeup Artist, Natalie Livingston about what eyebrow pencils/shadows are the most ‘redhead friendly.’

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2. 10 Things NOT To Say To a Redhead on a Date


Here’s how not to impress a redhead you’re dating–or want to date.

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1. The Best Hypoallergenic Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes


Many redheads have sensitive skin, but what about sensitive eyes? Do you suffer from itchy, dry, watery eyes? Do you regularly have little eye infections? Most redheads love mascara for their blonde eyelashes. But, what happens when your eyes suffer from your mascara? You could never dream of getting rid of mascara completely (imagine?!). Luckily, there are many “hypoallergenic” mascaras on the market, but do not get confused. The term technically means that the product does not contain well-known allergens and is less likely to cause a reaction in people with allergies or sensitivities. But, with so many on the market, what is best? There are lots of questions and we have the answers.

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Rock it like a Redhead! Thank you all for a great year. See you 2015.