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Keeping Red Hair Vibrant Without The Use of Dye

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One of the most popular questions How to be a Redhead readers have is: “How do I keep my red hair from fading?!” If you’re a natural redhead or redhead ‘by choice,’ you may be wondering how you can keep your hair vibrant without the use of chemicals/permanent hair dye.

We spoke with Amber Switzer from Atomic House of Hair in Louisville, KY. “As with any color trend, we don’t recommend tackling chemical processes without a professional present. However, there is an alternative to permanent color if you don’t want to splurge for salon services,” says Amber. “Davines offers tinted shampoos and conditioners called the Alchemic System and two shades are for redheads.”

For years, blondes have kept a bottle of purple shampoo or conditioner on their shelf to tone the brassiness that is a result of bleaching.

Redheads can now rejoice! Davines offers tinted shampoos and conditioners in six colors to tone different shades of red, brown, and blonde hair. For redheads, there are two different colors of Alchemic shampoo and conditioner’s recommended depending on the shade of red you wish to achieve. ‘Red’ for a mahogany tone or ‘Copper’ for a more natural, rusty red. Depending on how light the hair is to begin with, you can see results with only one use.

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Besides being wonderful shampoos and conditioners, the Alchemic System is a way to try a new look without the commitment of [more] permanent dyes.

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