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Redheads: Should You Try Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting?

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Most redheads have blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. That’s why the joke amongst many copper-haired ladies is: “Mascara and eyebrow pencils are my best friend!” When you add a few strokes of mascara, or slightly pencil in your brows, it helps to make your face and eyes pop. Instead of investing a lot of time applying and reapplying mascara and eyebrow pencil, many women have started eyelash and eyebrow tinting. Honestly, who wants to put on mascara and pencil if you don’t have to? Although eyelash and eyebrow tinting has hit the mainstream, many redheads haven’t tried them. So, we consulted the tinting experts to better understand if eyebrow and eyelash tinting is right for you.

The process:

“Eyebrow and eyelash tinting is normally about $20 to $30 each, so it’s a small price to pay for a great result! Both last about 3 to 6 weeks,” says Pearl Dworkin from Skincare by “For redheads who are eyelash tinting, you can do black, black/brown or blue/black and it looks gorgeous! The tint needs to be left on usually about 10 minutes and you need to be still and have your eyes shut. No talking since talking usually leads to the fluttering of the eyes which can lead to intense stinging since the tint can seep into the eyes. I also suggest making sure your esthetician applies a thin coat of barrier cream or petroleum jelly under the eyes (and uses thin little pads over that) to prevent running.”

The best color choice for redheads:

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Elaina Badro, who has worked on stars like Carrie Underwood & Christina Milian said, “Eyelash and eyebrow tinting are both great for redheads! I always recommend a medium brown. That way, you can always add black mascara if you’re feeling extra glamorous that day. As for brows, do NOT match your eyebrow color to your hair color. The darker you go with brows, the harsher your fair skin will appear. Also, if your brows are gray, brow tinting may take a little longer due to the coarseness of the grey hairs.”

Product tip for after your have tinted your eyebrows and lashes:

“Tinting is a great choice for redheads, especially if you have super blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. To keep the results longer avoid using any face cleansers with glycolic acid,” says NYC Makeup Artist, Natalie Livingston.

Can you do it at home?

1. Livingston added,”Lashes must be done by a trained esthetician but eyebrows can be achieved at home. My favorite is Just for Men Beard Cover. It is completely user-friendly, clean and fast. It is a gradual color so you can always add more if necessary.”

2. “Tinting the brows is is definitely something you actually can do yourself. You just have to be careful around the eye area. Buy a vegetable dye based tint at a beauty supply store. The most natural look for redheads is an auburn tint and mix it with a light to medium shade of brown –– depending on how intense you want the color. The brow tint takes very quickly because of the body heat so apply carefully with a q-tip in 2 to 3 minutes. It’s better to apply too light since you can always retouch. I would tint first and wax or tweeze after. Your brows will look dramatically different and you should shape them after,” said Dworkin. You can also use henna on your brows.

Tintocil Auburn Cream Dye Brow Tint is another great dye product that won’t hurt the bank. WUNDER2 WUNDERBROW Long Lasting Eyebrow Gel in Auburn is an easy-to-use eyebrow gel that lasts for days. 

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Are you still unsure if tinting is for you? Get basic makeup tips for redheads with blonde eyebrows & eyelashes by watching this video:

Rock it like a Redhead!