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Experiment Proves Society Misunderstands a Redhead’s Beauty

In 2012, young artist, Shelby Tsuji, did a remarkable artistic experiment exploring self image and beauty in society. She applied a strip of painter’s tape down the center of a girl’s face and applied heavy make up to one side of her face. After removing the tape, she photographs the subject against a white background with heavy light and includes a statement from the model. One of those model’s was a redhead named Natalie.

The result is startling and intense.

Natalie commented on how society made her feel growing up as a redhead: “Society and the media vastly warped my perception of beauty growing up. Because the industry had fabricated an image of the untouchable woman as a vehicle to sell products, which in turn cast societal standards of beauty, my entire life I evaluated myself through a screen of false images and perceptions. It has taken me a long time to see beautiful aspects of myself that are wonderfully unique to me.”

This experiement proves that society completely misunderstands the true beauty of women, especially redheads. It is widely believed that heavy makeup is the way to look, when in fact it’s the natural beauty (inside and out) that matters most.

Let’s change this redheads. We can do this together. Love your skin, rock those freckles and look like YOU!

Rock it like a Redhead!