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Another Celeb Does It: Madonna Shows Off Red Hair and Bleached Eyebrows

Celebrities aren't just going red, they're dying their brows blonde too

Madonna, The Queen of Pop, herself showed off a show-stopping new look this past week. She debuted bleached eyebrows and a fiery red wig for a music video shoot. The video is a remix of her 2005 hit “Hung Up” and despite being 64 years old, Madonna’s still got it and she’s not afraid to flaunt it.

Since Madonna’s look is just a wig, we’re pretty sure it’s not here to stay, but it does look pretty good on her and is a nice change up from her classic blonde and the pink she’s been sporting recently. This red style fits into a long line of celebs that have been rocking the “Little Mermaid” style of long red hair with darker roots. 

Her platinum blonde will always be iconic, but she’s had everything from honey hues to to jet black tones through the years. While the red is perfect for fall, this is not the first time the “Material Girl” singer was a redhead. She previously rocked a similar copper tone back in 1997 and 1998. (Photo evidence below.)


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