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6 Celebs Who Have Dyed Their Hair Red in 2022

‘People Are Ready to Make a Statement’

Red hair is soaring in popularity, and of course, that means we are seeing celebs going red more than ever. Why’s it trending? Dmitry Irshinskiy, hair colorist at the Fekkai SoHo salon, told Us Weekly that “people are ready to make a statement,” especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the Kar-Jenners to the cast of the hit show Euphoria, here’s a roundup of celebs who have been rocking the red recently:

Kendall Jenner

Maybe the most talked-about red transformation was Kendall Jenner. Lots of people speculated that the red was a transition color between brunette and blonde, but after over a month with the red locks, we think they might be here to stay for a while.

Sophie Turner

Turner traded in her signature blonde hair for deep mahogany back in 2021 and it seems to have stuck. We think the red brings out her eyes and complements her fair skin beautifully!

Barbie Ferreira

First up on the list of redhead Euphoria cast members is Barbie Ferreira. She’s rocked different shades of red on and off since 2020, but her current look is a dark gingery shade. 

Maude Apatow

Having had red hair a time or two before, Apatow is no stranger to the fun that is being a redhead. Now she’s rocking a subtle red hint in her brown bob. 

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Rumer Willis

Rumor has it that red is Rumer’s color and we agree! Her naturally curly locks look stunning in red and we hope the color is here to stay. 

Sydney Sweeney

Another Euphoria star that’s gone red is Sydney Sweeney. She’s rocking a gorgeous light reddish-orange color. It pairs perfectly with her complexion and eyes, probably because although her natural hair is darker, she says it has some tints of red in it. 

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