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4 Essential Tips For How Redheads Can Get a Haircut They Actually Like

Don't Settle for a Haircut You Hate!

There is nothing worse than leaving the salon feeling disappointed, but we’ve probably all been there. You get a haircut and you fake smile while telling the stylist you love it and then cry in your car on the way home. Getting a haircut shouldn’t feel scary. It should feel exciting, relaxing, and refreshing. Here are a few tips to help you get a haircut you will actually like. 

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Be realistic with yourself

Tempering your expectations is key. Knowing your hair type, texture and length will help you have a more realistic vision of what your hair will look like. Hairstylists can work wonders, but they can’t do actual magic. When you look at photos of hairstyles, try to find ones that look similar to the thickness and texture of your hair. Keep in mind your face shape as well. 

Do your research

Knowing what you want will help you to explain to your stylist better. If you go into your appointment unsure, you might come out with what they think is best and not what you really want. Find photos and inspo to explain the style you are looking for, and be sure to talk through all the details before the cutting starts.

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Ask your stylist’s opinion, but go with your cut 

If you want your hair a certain way, it’s okay to tell your stylist that even if they disagree. Some stylists are stuck in their ways and think they know what looks best. That doesn’t mean it’s best for you. Find a happy medium between taking their advice and being firm with what you want.

Speak up during your appointment 

Don’t be afraid to speak up during the appointment. It’s better to say something early because they can’t put the hair back on. If you’re unsure how short you want to go, tell your stylist you want to start with a little and see how it looks. You should also speak up if they aren’t doing what you asked. You’re paying for a service you should be happy with it. Stand up for yourself while also being kind and respectful. 

Rock it like a Redhead!