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Are Hummingbirds Attracted to Redheads More Than Blondes & Brunettes?

We know bees are more attracted to red hair, but hummingbirds too?


Redheads are rare and this can make us the focal point of any room we walk in, but the attention doesn’t stop with people. We have been hearing a rumor in the redhead community that hummingbirds seem to be attracted to redheads more than blondes and brunettes. At first we thought this was because bees are attracted to redheads, but there is more to it than that. Here’s everything we know: 

Hummingbirds see more colors than humans do

Human eyes are made up of three types of color cones which allow us to see all the colors of the rainbow as we know it. Hummingbirds have four types of color cones allowing them to see an even wider array of colors than we ever could. According to, “hummingbirds’ sense of color is due to the dense concentration of cones in its retina. The cones themselves contain pigments and oil droplets in shades of yellow to red, which seem to act like filters. The filters appear to heighten color sensitivity in the red to yellow range while muting colors such as blue.” Since reds and yellows are more vibrant for hummingbirds, it makes sense that they would prefer those colors over duller cool tones. However, this isn’t the only reason hummingbirds may prefer the color red.

Red symbolizes food + nectar

Like most animals, hummingbirds don’t really play favorites. Instead, they are looking for their food, specifically nectar. Many red flowers are high in nectar, which means where there’s red, there’s probably something to eat. The same goes for hummingbird feeders, which are almost always red. Hummingbirds also gravitate towards nectar-filled flowers that are orange, yellow, purple and pink. 

This is why hummingbirds are attracted to us

The belief that hummingbirds are attracted to redheads likely stems from the vibrant red hair color catching their attention, similar to how they are drawn to red flowers due to their color sensitivity and association with nectar. While there isn’t conclusive scientific evidence specifically linking hummingbirds to redheads, the notion is understandable given hummingbirds’ affinity for bright colors and their keen ability to perceive a wide range of hues. Additionally, redheads may emit subtle scents or have a sweet taste on their skin that could further pique the interest of these curious birds, potentially contributing to the perception of an attraction between redheads and hummingbirds. Overall, while the idea remains anecdotal within the redhead community, it reflects the fascinating interactions between humans and nature’s vibrant inhabitants.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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