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Why Are Bees Attracted To Redheads? We Have The Answer

Natural red hair is like a magnet for bees!

Natural red hair is a rarity. Only about 2 percent of people worldwide are redheads. People who have a fiery head of hair possess some characteristics that others do not –– like redheads feeling less pain, possibly needing more medication… or bees being more attracted to redheads.

Natural red hair is like a magnet for bees. It is believed this is due not to the color but the hair structure itself. It is also said that the aroma of red hair is what is so attractive to industrious insects.

Here are 5 reasons why bees are attracted to redheads:

1. Redheads appear to like flowers

Think about if you wear a bright shirt with floral patterns on it — honey bees may make a high-priority destination to check on you. They buzz away once they realize that your Hawaiian shirt is not an actual source of nectar. The same goes for your red hair. Bees are especially attracted to patterns that resemble those of a flower, and red hair could imitate nature.

2. Bees think of nectar when they see red

Bees see the bright colors of flowers in a completely different way than humans do because they have a distinct optical perception. Bees observe the environment through thousands of eyes, so to speak. Between 6000 and 8000 individual eyes (ommatidia) are hidden in the compound eyes of a bee.

Although the flower meadows are gloriously colorful, bees do not see all the colors. For example, bees cannot recognize red. Researchers found out that they see the color red as black and dark color areas, which indicate where the delicious nectar is located.

3. Redheads smell sweet

You may have heard redheads have their own scent. One of the primary jobs of a honey bee is to collect sweet nectar from flowers to use as food for the colony. Naturally, honey bees are attracted to sweet, sugary smells like those that come from soft drinks and fruits. So, when a redhead is around and/or you have a cream, perfume or hair product that smells like a delicious source of food for the bees, they might come buzzing your way.

4. For redheads who are sweaty.. bees may love you extra

After a long workout, who loves the smell of sweat? We don’t. But bees do! The ‘sweat bees’ or also called ‘halictid bees’ are attracted to the scent of perspiration. These bees are usually darker in color, with a metallic appearance and hints of green or red.

5. Everyone adores redheads

Why should bees be any different?

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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