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6 Tips for DIY At-Home Eyelash Extensions for Redheads

Spoiler: There are brown and red lash extensions on the market!

Your hair is red, but your eyelashes are…blonde? If you’re a natural redhead, chances are your lashes, and your brows, don’t match your hair color. Having light reddish blonde eyelashes and eyebrows is extremely common amongst redheads, and can leave us looking like we have no lashes or brows at all. 

Of course, you can wear mascara, or even try tinting your lashes, but some of us want the option to wake up and have gorgeous long, dark(er) lashes. Lash extensions are obviously the answer, but they are time-consuming and expensive and it can be hard to find salons who apply brown or dark brown lashes. 

Well, there is another solution if you want to do a little DIY. At home lash extensions are a possibility and can last up to a week. Basically, they’re individual lashes you glue along the lash line with semi-permanent glue. This means they will last longer than regular false lashes and will be more customizable. Here is everything you need tot know: 

1. Why would you want to do it at home? 

There are many reasons redheads may opt to DIY lashes at home:

1. Cost-saving: Professional lash extension services can be expensive, and some individuals may choose to try it at home to save money.

2. Convenience: For those with busy schedules or limited access to salons, doing it at home might seem more convenient.

3. Experimentation: Some people enjoy experimenting with their appearance and may want to try applying lash extensions themselves as a creative or fun activity.

2. How to apply:

Applying lash extensions at home can be tricky and requires a lot of care and precision. It’s important to note that professional lash technicians are trained to do this safely and effectively. However, if you still wish to attempt it, here are some general steps to follow:

1. Gather the right supplies: You’ll need lash extensions, lash adhesive, tweezers, lash adhesive remover, lash primer, and lash cleanser.

2. Prep your natural lashes: Ensure your lashes are clean and free of any makeup or oils. Use a lash cleanser to thoroughly clean them.

3. Isolate a natural lash: Using the tweezers, pick up one lash extension and apply a small amount of lash adhesive to the base.

4. Attach the extension: Carefully place the extension on a single natural lash, about 1-2mm from the eyelid. Avoid touching the eyelid to prevent irritation.

5. Repeat the process: Continue isolating individual lashes and applying extensions until you achieve the desired look. Use different lengths and thicknesses for a natural appearance.

6. Be patient and precise: Take your time and be gentle to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

3. Best redhead-approved lashes: 

Looking to get your own DIY at-home lash extensions?

Fadvan Volume Lashes in Brown

Laubess Cluster Lashes

Flutterhabit Shorties in Brunette

4. Learn from watching tutorials:

Want to see some other redheads show off their lash extensions and want to learn from them? Here are some of our favorite TikTok tutorials based on need: 

A Speedy Lash Tutorial:


Loving my @velourbeautyofficial DIY lash extensions. ✨ I’ve always glued my lashes on top but I love this little trick out gluing underneath. LIKE DANNNG It literally looks like my lashes. I’m OBSESSED! I personally wear lash extensions everyday. Y’all need these. 🤍 #photooftheday #lashes #athomelash #diylashextensions #diylashes #redhead #ginger #makeupforgingers #gingermakeup #freckles Court xo 👩🏻‍🦰

♬ Gorgeous – Taylor Swift

The Best Amazon DIY Lashes: 


STOP wasting your $$$ on lash extensions #lashes #lashextensions #amazonfinds #makeupfyp

♬ original sound – Marta✨

A Lash Hack:

Red Lashes? She’s Not So Sure:


Being a ginger ain’t easy #redhead #lashextensions #redlashes #ginger #beauty #diy #fail #blueeyes #makeup #lashes #help #pimpinainteasy #unicorn #advice

♬ original sound – Jordan Phillips

Brunette Lashes: 


@flutterhabit thank you from all the brunettes & redheads for these lashes!! I’m obsessed 😍🤎 #flutterhabitreview #redhead #redheadbeauty #diylashes #redheadlashes

♬ Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K

5. Warning:

However, it’s essential for anyone, including redheads, to be cautious and follow proper procedures when applying lash extensions at home. It requires skill, precision, and attention to detail to avoid damaging the natural lashes and causing eye irritation. If you’re inexperienced or unsure, seeking the help of a professional lash technician is recommended for a safer and more successful application. They can assess your natural lashes, provide suitable lash extensions, and apply them with expertise.

Remember, applying lash extensions at home carries risks, including eye irritation and damage to your natural lashes. If you’re not confident in doing it yourself, it’s better to seek a professional lash technician for a safer and more reliable outcome.

While some people may attempt at-home lash extensions due to various reasons, it’s essential to understand the potential risks and benefits associated with this DIY approach.

6. Not for you? Try Finally Have Lashes 

Are lash extensions not for you? There’s still an easy way to get natural-looking lashes! Try Finally Have Lashes®, a sensitive skin-safe mascara made for redheads, by redheads. Available in three ‘Redhead-Friendly’ shades!

Finally Have Lashes is paraben-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO, vegan, made in the USA, and designed for sensitive redheads. It is also made without alcohol, gluten, oil, paragons, phthalates, silicones or talc.  This clean formula is optimized with an hourglass brush to glide through lashes, separating and coating them with classic redheads shades.

We wanted redheads to have options, which meant formulating 3 different mascara colors. Hint, hint: more shades are coming soon!

Our lightest ginger shade (Perfectly Auburn ‘Red-Y for Lashes’) helps redheads achieve a natural “no makeup” look. Our medium red-brown shade adds more definition and color while still looking natural. And of course, we couldn’t complete the line without a classic black for redheads who like to make a statement.


In conclusion, while some people may attempt at-home lash extensions for various reasons, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks involved. For a safer and more satisfactory outcome, it’s recommended to seek the expertise of a professional lash technician who can assess your natural lashes, provide appropriate lash extensions, and apply them with precision and care. This helps ensure the best results and reduces the likelihood of any adverse effects.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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