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12 Must-Try Redhead Lash Hacks

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Most redheads have white-blonde lashes and brows, making mascara a must. Here are 11 redhead lash hacks you should try on your redhead eyelashes**:

1. Lash tinting

Give your lashes the look of mascara without all the fuss. Lash tinting will help your natural lashes stand out and you can apply mascara when you want for a more full look. Tint your lashes a shade of brown to keep things looking natural. 

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2. Cover your lash roots

Have you ever noticed your lash roots show when you wear dark mascara? Try using a fan brush with mascara on it to get into that hard-to-reach spot and cover it up.

3. Vaseline

Applying Vaseline to your eyelashes can help you achieve longer-looking lashes. It acts as a primer for your mascara and clings to the ends making them look longer and fuller


4. Brow gel on lower lashes

Sick of getting mascara everywhere when you do your lower lashes? Try using a brow gel* instead. The tiny brush makes it easier to apply. 

*Always make sure the brow gel is appropriate for the eye area. Some eyebrow products are not formulated for the eyes and could cause sensitivity issues or irritation.


5. Brown mascara

Brown mascara is a redhead’s best friend. It’s perfect for “no makeup” days or when you want something a little less dramatic than a harsh black. 


6. Lash lift

Another great way to get lashes that look great even without makeup is a lash lift. It’s like your lashes are curled all the time, making them look longer and more full. Pair your lash lift with a tint and you’re golden!


7. Kitten eyeliner

Apply a small kitten wing to your eye in a brown or black shade to help accentuate the eye and make the lash time look longer than it really is. 

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8. Clear mascara

Give lashes some definition and body on no makeup days with some clear mascara. It’s great for separating the lashes and giving them just a little bit of dimension. 

9. Brown falsies

Like brown mascara, brown falsies work wonders for redheads who want something a little more toned down but still glamorous. 


10. Castor oil

Applying castor oil to your lashes on a regular basis can help them grow and even darken a little. Apply it with a clean spoolie daily. 

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11. Lash extensions

The ultimate redhead lash hack is lash extensions. You can get custom extensions in a shade that fits with your makeup style and you won’t have to worry about leaving the house without mascara ever again!


12. Eyelash Serum 

If you’re a mascara lover but want longer lashes, eyelash serums are a great choice! Apply once a day on eyelid like eyeliner. One dip does both eyes. Allow 1-2 minutes for serum to fully dry. Promotes the appearance of longer, thicker looking natural lashes. We love Grande Cosmetics Eyelash Serum — it was in a Deluxe H2BAR Box, is paraben free & really works well!


**Disclaimer: The eye area is extremely sensitive. Please consult with doctor prior to any changes.

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