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Actress Tessa Thompson Dyes Hair Red: “I Would Love To Be A Redhead”

"I’ve always thought that red hair is so beautiful.."

Tessa Thompson is an actress best known for her role as Valkyrie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or possibly her role on Westworld. Thompson who has naturally dark hair recently dyed it red. In an interview with Elle Magazine, Thompson was asked about this change and she had some interesting things to say.

Elle Magazine asked, “You recently dyed your hair red. Do you feel like it changed your personality or gave you a new window into yourself?”

She replied that she has always thought red hair was so beautiful and said she would love to be a redhead. So she decided to dye her hair red and give it a try. She wondered if she could pull it off due to having a dark complexion, but wants to be “expansive and imaginative” with her ideas of beauty.

She goes on to tell the magazine that her mother went through a redhead period in the 80s which inspired her. As did a photo she saw of herself as a child. In the photo, she’s got a red tint to her hair which made her really want to go red. Now over the past few months, she’s tried different shades and is really loving the red hair look. 

We love that Tessa Thompson loves redheads and we’re so happy she has found a color she connects with. Redheads come in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones and we embrace the redheads ‘by choice’ who recognize how beautiful red hair truly is.


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Main Image Credit: Tessa Thompson | Instagram