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The Story Behind Emma Stone’s Red Hair, 15 Years Later

How Emma Got Her Signature Color

There are plenty of celebs who weren’t born redheads but have adopted the redhead way of life and are seen as redhead icons. Think redhead like Lucille Ball, Christina Hendricks, and of course Emma Stone. Stone was born blonde and dabbled with brunette in her younger years but adopted her signature red look early on in her career. Ever wonder how that came about?

In a new oral history in Vanity Fair timed with the teen comedy’s 15th anniversary, it was revealed that when producers were casting the 2000s cult classic “Superbad”, there was concern the two main female roles, played by Emma Stone and Martha MacIsaac, would get confused. They had similar natural hair colors and Stone agreed to dye her hair red

Judd Apatow, who produced “Superbad”, told Vanity Fair. “So we dyed her hair red, which I think she had never done before.” He added, “And since then, she has cursed me because now people love her with red hair and she’s had to live with that for a lot of her adult life.”

This change was meant to be for the movie only, but as Stone grew in popularity so did her red hair and it has become her signature look. The crimson hair is often mistaken to be her natural hair color because she always goes back to some shade of red after every movie role. 

What do you think about Emma Stone’s red hair? Let’s take a look at her different shades of red throughout the years:

emma stone curly red hair

emma stone in red dress



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