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Red Hair Dye Sales Up 163%: Has Scarlett Johansson Influenced This Bump?

"Black Widow" May Have a Hand in More Redheads 'By Choice'

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If you happen to see an unusually large number of women with dyed red hair, don’t be alarmed.

Hair dye companies have been reporting a huge uptick in the sales of red hair dye. One UK-based brand called Just My Look reported an increase of 163% in red hair dye last month. Many people believe there is one woman behind this increase in demand and it’s none other than Scarlett Johansson. 

Despite her name, Scarlett is not a natural redhead, but the actress is back with her signature red look for another Marvel franchise installment. Johansson plays the lead role of Natasha Romanoff in the new blockbuster hit Black Widow and is once again rocking fiery red hair for the part. The film was released in early July and ever since fans are rushing the shelves for red hair dye.

This is the first sales are bumping for a specific product since the Marvel franchise began. Many are asking: why? Our guess is post-pandemic, people are seeking a change. They want a new look and after sitting through 2.5 hours of Scarlett Johansson rockin’ red hair has obviously caused a big influence. Changing hair (whether style or color) is usually one of the first ways women (and some men) change up their looks. But, 163% is an incredible number and more people have dyed red hair than before Black Widow came out. That’s really something.

We welcome the new redheads in the world. What do you think?

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In the meantime, let’s spend some time marveling (yes, a pun we just had to make) at Scarlett Johansson’s red hair in the Black Widow film:


Rock it like a Redhead!