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5 More Head-Turning Celebs Who Went Red in 2021

They Might Not Be Natural Redheads, But They Sure Are Rocking It

We’ve talked about celebs who went red for their Emmy nominated roles, but lots of celebrities are going red for film projects, music tours, and also just because they feel like it. Here are some more celebs who weren’t born redheads but have rocked the red recently (and may we say they look GREAT): 

1. Ashley Benson 

Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson debuted ginger locks in an Instagram photo in June with the caption, “always wanted to be a redhead”. Benson got the color touched up in late July, so it looks like the red is here to stay for a while. 


2. Gigi Hadid 

Model Gigi Hadid has been rocking rust-colored hair for several months now. In some photos, she is seen sporting a more vibrant red color, while others are more muted with a ginger glow. Regardless, we are digging the red!


3. Ciara

Known for changing up her hair quite frequently, singer Ciara rocked long red hair in two different posts on her Instagram earlier this summer. The singer captioned one photo “pelirroja” which is Spanish for “redhead”.  

4. Dua Lipa

Singing sensation Dua Lipa rocked red hair in her June campaign with Versace. The long red locks and blunt bangs were a bold statement with her dark brows and tanned skin. It doesn’t look like Dua Lipa will be making red hair a permanent accessory, but we’re still here for it.


5. Sarah Hyland 

Modern Family actress Sarah Highland has been loving red for years. She normally sports red tints in her brown hair, but she swapped her dark look for a more vibrant red back in February. Hyland comes from Scottish/Irish roots and said Outlander inspired her to go full red. 

Rock it like a Redhead!