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8 More Tips: How Redheads Can Face Shave At Home

Get Silky Smooth Skin

At-home dermaplaning is taking the internet by storm, and we’ve talked about how it can be tough on sensitive skin. If you’re still wanting to try this exfoliating hair removal trick, here are 8 more tips for those redheads with sensitive skin.

1. Prep: Buy the right tool

A dull blade means you will have to push harder and take more passes over the area to remove the hair. Additionally, you want an angled blade to get good leverage. A great option is the Schick Hydro Silk Dermaplaning Wand which comes with a reusable handle and multiple heads. We also love Tinkle Women’s Razors Real Techniques Women’s Razors.

2. Prep: Use a gentle cleanser 

We know cleansing your face can help remove any makeup, skincare products, or excess dirt. If you don’t cleanse you will just be pushing all of that gunk around your face which may cause breakouts. Use a gentle cleanser and skip the exfoliant, because dermaplaning is an exfoliant and you shouldn’t overdo it on sensitive skin.

3. Prep: Use a lubricant

One of the main reasons people with sensitive skin have a reaction to dermaplaning is because running the dry blade over your skin can cause irritation. Instead, opt for a facial lubricant. You can use a facial oil or even something like vaseline to help the blade glide. 

4. Start: Go slow & be gentle 

You don’t want to apply too much pressure or scrape the same area too many times, so go slowly and find a gentle, methodical rhythm as you go.

5. Afterwards: Cleanse again 

Wash your face afterward to remove loose hairs, oil, and dead skin. Again use a gentle cleanser with warm water and skip the exfoliants. Shave in short, light strokes. Tilt the razor and lightly place it against your skin. Once you have the hang of how to hold it, use short, light strokes to shave the hair in the direction that it grows to avoid ingrowns. 

6. Afterwards: Apply skincare

Once you’re done, it’s important to apply the right skincare. By removing that excess hair and gunk your skin might feel dry and try to overproduce oils. Combat this by adding a hydrating serum and a heavy facial cream so that it can soak into the skin and leave it plump. You can also use products with ingredients that battle redness

7. Afterwards: Avoid makeup

It’s best to avoid applying makeup to freshly dermaplaned skin so try and wait at least 24 hours before you apply your makeup. If you do apply makeup be sure to use a primer and wash it off completely at the end of the day. 

8. Afterwards: Sanitize Your blade

Dirty or dull blades are a recipe for irritation. Sanitize your blade by washing it and wiping it down with rubbing alcohol before every use. Avoid using each blade more than 2-3 times. 


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